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Fifteen years ago, “Magical Night” at Westfalenstadion, the antechamber of the 2006 world success. And in Trento they danced on the roof of buses almost until dawn

Grosso’s cry after scoring the first goal against Germany: behind Del Piero, who will score the second goal

Trento. “Cut the ball, put it, there’s Pirlo, Pirlo, Pirlo, Pirlo again, heel, shot, GOOOOOL”. “O” is surely much more than that and there is no need to tell you who said those words, when he did them, and above all, why he did them. And soon (perhaps a minute, but at that moment the seconds seemed endless) he presented another small “monologue”, which will forever remain in the history of Italian television. who – which “Cannavaro” pronounce it Fabio Carissa Three times in quick succession, then “Gila” who has a Del Piero Which sends her to a crossroads.

And in the midst of that riot, no one even realized that the Mexican Archondia Final whistles: We are in the final, after we hit ضرب Germany At home, in “hell” WestfalenstadionWhich once again proves to be the nightmare of German football.

Exactly 15 years have passed since that amazing time 4 July 2006. Raise your hand if you don’t remember exactly who he was with, where he was, how he lived the hours before the race and, above all, how he celebrated the triple whistle and after. The Nights That amazing summer was really charming, even if the soundtrack wasn’t the best Nanini and Pinato Which, in recent weeks, accompanies Mancini And him in the European Salvation Championship, after the disappointment she suffered three years ago for not qualifying for the World Cup in Russia 2018.

The official anthem of the 2006 World Cup Nobody remembers herIt’s time to get things moving. But who’s ever heard of it?), while everyone is just thinking about a topic “The Seven-State Army” From the white stripes, this “popopopopo” became sexy … the world!

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Italy has reached the challenge against the Germans after an amazing journey. A win over Ghana, a draw with the United States and a victory over them Czech Republic In the first stage, while in the second round a penalty Francesco Totti (Whoever read it without uttering the title ten times … a lie!) Australia stretched in the 94th minute and in the quarter-finals 3-0 reached Ukraine, with Zambrotta’s goal, a “double” Tony, which finally opened and the ultimate dedication to success Gianluca Pesotto, who at those hours was fighting for his life in a hospital in Turin.

The Azzurri have only conceded one goal in five matches (plus an own goal, scored by Zaccardo against the United States), and despite another injury to Nesta in the final stage of the World Cup, the Italian defense was insane. . One of the strongest ever: besides an extraordinary one Fabio Cannavaro (Which, not surprisingly, after a few months win the Ballon d’Or) Marco Materazzi He did not make the Milan defender regret, with Andrea Barzagli taking his place very well when he was sent off against the Czech Republic. Outside the huge Gianluca Zambrotta, at that moment the best defender in the world and Fabio Grosso Who, having started his adventure in Germany as a reserve, took the starting shirt, becoming Zambrotta’s alternate ego in the left lane. In the goal, it is clear that Gianluigi Buffon, the World Cup champion is a pure euphemism for the definition of perfection.

In the days leading up to the semi-finals, the German media had “warmed up” the environment and not a bit with headlines on the verge of attack, reproposing the misused stereotypes of “pizza, mafia, mandolin” that had the effect of loading a “bullet” of the blue band. Above all, Rino Gattuso, the “son” of the South, who put all the rage that was brewing in his body on the pitch.

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What a match it was Germany – Italy? He fought, obviously, with great suffering, as expected, but was played openly by the Azores who hit two juicy “woods”, first Gilardino (Exceptional personal play on the right flank, left-handed low shot on the first post and the ball hitting the inside of the post by hitting Lehmann) then the wide side from outside the area Zambota This “breaks” the bar, saving the Germans.

Buffon had already put his stamp on the match with his two tackles and then, when the penalties were close (In short, the shots from the spot before the World Cup were not really good, given what happened in Italy 90, USA 94 and France 98.), that’s unbelievably happening.

Pirlo frees himself on the edge of the area, kicks and Liman Deviates for a corner kick. From science go Del Piero, his serve is removed, but the ball reaches my feet Berlow, which he controls expands and then, as he only knows, almost does not search for him thick Who, in addition to being in the right place at the right time, doesn’t think twice about it: Boom, the conclusion with the first intention with the left hand and the ball at the bottom of the bag.

His career and “I can’t believe it” after the goal is the 2.0 version of the most famous cry in football history, the one that Marco Tardelli played, in the 1982 final, by chance, again against Germany.

The ball is in the middle, the Germans throw themselves forward, but Cannavaro becomes “Caaaannnavaro” Three times, the ball goes out with the foot, wins any tackle and then touches Gilardino, before bowing out of fatigue. Gila points to the area, can go to the flag and play the clock, but sees Del Piero arrive with a great career, and he’s made the entire shooting range. The ball is accurate and Alex da San Vendemiano closed this account, which opened six years ago in the European final against France: Then his shot ended desolately to the side, this time it’s the rainbow sitting under the “seven”.

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Del Piero steps behind the goal, goes to cheer at a random spot on the pitch, looks up, and among the 60,000 Westfalenstadion players, he meets eyes and tears. Sonia’s wife, which was there, but the blue number seven does not know.

What will happen next is history: in all the squares, or rather in all the streets, alleys, and houses of Italy, a party is set to end practically at the crack of dawn the next day. Also in Trento, of course, with the Piazza Venezia which has become, as usual, a gathering place for the thousands of people who meet in the Fontana dei Cavalli to celebrate reaching the final and at the same rate. Of fun, the fact of eliminating Germany. Buses that were still passing – meaning “good” – are being stormed by fans going up on the roofs: no damage, no injuries, and then, a one-off (but it’ll be the first of two for a few days later..) can be good too.

The party goes on till morning, someone doesn’t take it well, and at about four o’clock, buckets of cold water fall on the revelers from the upper floors of two girls in Galilee Road, who, however, enjoy the shower, given the high temperatures of that summer.

A few days later he was still delirious. But this is another story. Cool, but another.