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Italy's weather forecast never stops swinging: from cold to North African heat in a matter of days

Italy's weather forecast never stops swinging: from cold to North African heat in a matter of days

Mattia Gussoni, a meteorologist at the website, confirms a clear and sudden improvement compared to the cold that hit the country hard: between last Monday and Wednesday, maximum temperatures were recorded 10-12 ° C below average. Period.

This weekend we return to taste the warmer side of spring, but not everywhere. Scirocco currents bring rain, frequent showers and snow showers above 1500-1800 meters in the northwest. In this narrow part of our country, unfortunately, a weekend can be ruined by the weather.

The return of the North African anticyclone will favor full sun in the south, slightly cloudy skies in the center up to 24-25°C (27°C in Sardinia), but a certain instability cannot be ruled out. Some rain in the north and Tuscany.

Last Sunday in April This closes a paradoxical circle: the first 15 days were warm, sometimes very warm, then the Scandinavian collapse occurred on April 22-24 with the peak of cold; We have now reached the end of this 'up and down' month with 30 highs expected through the 30 (month).

The Sunday In fact, temperatures will rise further with maximum values ​​of 28°C in Caserta, 26°C in Naples and 25°C in Florence.

However, in this calm and happy environment, we must remember the bad weather forecast in the extreme northwest, where we can still see heavy rains, heavy snowfall above 1900-2000 meters and suspended desert sand: so a possibility is the new chapter of Neve Rossa, Piedmont and Valle In the mountains between d'Aosta. Rising temperatures will melt snow that has fallen at lower elevations in recent days, contributing to flooding in rivers.

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The new week will see the sun return everywhere with temperatures reaching 31°C in Sicily!

It sounds like great news, and in part it is: but in a mischievous and hateful way, a hurricane will come from the afternoon. April 30 It destroys at least the first part of May Day in Sardinia and in our country, from west to east.

The last day of the month will be remembered as the highest 'weather swing', which took the thermometers from 33°C to 7°C in a few days and back up to beyond 30 again. 31°. Spring Wonders!


Saturday 27th.

North: Rain in northwest, light elsewhere. Centre: Rain in upper Tuscany, scattered clouds elsewhere. In the south: good weather and mild climate.

Sunday 28th

In the north: sunny and mild; Bad weather in the northwest. In the center: sun and mild climate. In the south: sunny and warm.

Monday the 29th

In the North: Sunny and mild. In the center: sun and warm weather for the duration. In the south: sunny and warm.


The May Day tornado hits Tuesday afternoon.