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Traveling to the end of time: What will happen in the future of the universe!  Watch the video

Traveling to the end of time: What will happen in the future of the universe! Watch the video

In this 4K video, there are events that will characterize the universe in the near future. This is what awaits us

Have you ever wondered what is the fate of the Earth and the solar system? What will happen in the next 100 or 500 million years? A YouTuber uploaded a 4K time-lapse video explaining what will happen in the next few years. a Journey to the end of time in 4K: This is what will happen in the future of the universe. Enjoy the video and then we'll comment on it together.

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Timelapse of the universe in 4K

Here's the video, enjoy your journey to the edge of the visible universe

In a little over 4.5 billion years, the Sun will begin to run out of fuel and collapse To a white dwarf. Imagine that it would shrink to the point of generating the same amount of light as a full moon on a summer night. This is the fate of most stars in the universe. The Earth will likely be merged first, when the Sun turns into a red giant. At that point, before the final white dwarf phase, all the other rocky planets closest to the Sun will do the same (Mercury and Venus, of course).

Black hole universe
Credit: NASA/Dr. Perry

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Cosmic devastation

Galaxies will continue to move further and further as space expands, and eventually all the stars will burn up, leaving the universe a cold, dark cosmic wasteland. According to many astronomers, this will be the final fate of our universe, that is, even when the last black hole evaporates and there will be nothing but empty space for billions and billions of kilometers in space. But for us, there is no need to worry. It will take billions and billions of years for all of these things to happen.

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