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Jaecoo J7 and J8 Plug-in: also coming soon in Italy

Jaecoo J7 and J8 Plug-in: also coming soon in Italy

Two news (plus one)Jackthe Chinese home of the group Shery Which we will soon see in Italy, took advantage of the 2024 Beijing Motor Show to reveal two SUVs: plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variants of the car J7 H J8.

Jayco J7 PHEV – the Jayco J7 PHEV – A plug-in hybrid version of the J7, which we had the opportunity to experience live in Italy (from To learn more) – It is a compact SUV Opening 450 cm Powered by a 1.5 turbo petrol engine with an electric unit capable of generating a power Total of 347 CV And a shared pair of 525 Nm. Hidden door handles and newly designed 19-inch alloy wheels made it possible to obtain a Cd (aerodynamic drag coefficient) of 0.318. According to the company, the car can travel up to 88 kilometers in electric mode, while in hybrid mode, as it claims consumption It seems you 20.4 km/l.

> In the pictures above and below the J8. At the top is J7.

Jayco J8 PHEV – the Jayco J8 PHEVthe plug-in hybrid variant of the Chinese mid-size SUV – è Opening 482 cm It is powered by a 1.5 turbo petrol engine supported by front and rear electric units. Results? 608 CV Of the total energy, 915 Nm of combined torque and “0-100” worth a sports car: just 5.4 seconds for acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h.

Discovery of Jaco – Jaecoo, the group's brand Shery (China's largest automobile exporter) dedicated to producing SUVshas a scope currently composed only of the two mentioned models, and J7 H J8. It has already arrived in Europe, more specifically in Spain, and will arrive soon Italy.

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Delayed – The 2024 Beijing Auto Show was also supposed to host the launch of the crossover Umoda 7But the show was postponed to April 28. Omoda is another brand of Geely.