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Exciting: At Suzuka, Red Bull will complete the transition to Mercedes' Formula 1 Zeropods

Exciting: At Suzuka, Red Bull will complete the transition to Mercedes' Formula 1 Zeropods

RB20 “Interim”.

What was revealed on Thursday evening will be just a temporary Red Bull RB20 car that we will see in the winter tests in Bahrain and in the first three races scheduled in Sakhir, Jeddah and Australia. As compiled by our editorial team, on the occasion of the fourth race scheduled in Suzuka, Japan – an event that was brought forward from the 2024 calendar to be combined with the first “slice” of Asian races, generally improving the logistics of the season – Red Bull will bring a big package of updates Which will complete what has already been started.

head Motorsport He goes further by stating what can already be assumed from the first renderings of the Red Bull RB20: Adrian Newey and his technicians decided to try Follow the path that Mercedes wanted to follow Since the beginning of the era of terrestrial influence, which is the era of what is called “Zero“, that is, a car with very small bellies.

In this regard, we should not forget what Newey himself announced a few months after the 2022 championship, which began under the Ferrari banner, and was then regained by Red Bull, which literally kicked off at the beginning of the summer vacation. When asked how two cars as aesthetically different as a Ferrari and a Red Bull could be separated by a thousandth in terms of performance, Newey replied that it was obvious then Neither team had the winning project in hand across the board. Furthermore, Newey was also concerned about the scope of development inherent in the three different projects of Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. The second “admitted” that the F1-75 philosophy did not have enough room for improvement, while the third abandoned the project and took a step back. On the other hand, Red Bull may have decided to try to solve what didn't work for Mercedes.

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