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February orders, Cairo third!  - OA Sport

February orders, Cairo third! – OA Sport

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-20 Evo Monticelli remains 10th competing in a great race of consistency and regularity, spurred on by the atmosphere at home.

-21 Gajser is now pushing to overtake Coldenhoff, but he can’t take 4th!

-22 They still packed behind Coldenhof, Gajser and Hurlings! Respectively, I’m fifth and sixth and they take too long to get past the Dutchman, losing ground on my head.

-24 Now the fuchsia tour from Febvre! Tony Cairoli can’t keep up with this pace and remains in third place.

-25 fast lap for George Prado! The Spaniard appears in the mirrors of February!

-26 Alessandro Lupino didn’t start well, and is 21st. Ivo Monticelli hooked on the top ten train.

-27 seems to have a little more than the other February. In fourth place Coldenhoff, Gajser is fifth and ready to return to the top.

-28 Behind February is Jorge Prado, who has already defended himself from the reckless attack inside Cairoli.

-29 Antonio Cairo started well! Blue is already the third! First place for Roman Febvre who found the right opening.

let’s go! Start the first race of the third round of the World Championship!

13.14 This is the first start of the season for Jeffrey Herlings who has never succeeded in disqualifying Gajsser in training.

13.12 Al-Ansar now begins the formation round. Jeffrey Herlings excelled in auditions this morning. The Dutchman showed excellent feeling on the track.

13.10 Another driver to watch out for is Spaniard Jorge Prado who has found excellent sensations in the UK and is looking for the great result that will re-launch him.

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13.08 Tim Gajser wants to defend himself from Cairoli’s attack here in Italy: The Slovenian has won three of the four contested qualifiers and wants to continue the infernal run that will lead him to become world champion.

13.06 This track from 2016 onwards didn’t even host the Nations Cup anymore for a restructuring that made it better suited to the great world stage.

13.04 Maggiora’s last World Motocross Championship race was in 2015, when France’s Romain February won the year he crowned the world championship.

13.02 The Italian champion is now fourth in the general classification and wants to continue climbing the hierarchy in the standings after the failure of the first race in Russia.

12.59 Tony Cairoli wants to confirm the great feelings that have arisen in Great Britain: the Sicilian centaur, who took first and third place, has risen from the ashes and is ready to go into battle in all circumstances.

12.56 Hello OA Sport friends and welcome to LIVE LIVE for Race-1 from MXGP’s Italian GP, ​​the 2021 World Motocross Championship.

BiddingHow do you see the Italian GP on TV

Hello OA Sport friends and welcome Dirita Live From Italian GP From World Motocross Championship 2021, the third round of the season after Russia and Great Britain.

The 1000 spectators Major They are ready to pay Tony Cairoli To be sure after the two great races a Matterly Basin Where he got a victory and the third conquering the general classification of the stage. The absolute ruler of the first two stages was the hero of Slovenia Tim Geiser: Three victories and fourth place in four races allow him to stay firmly on top of the world championship.

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There is no shortage of players outside the candidates, starting with the Dutch Jeffrey Herlings And French roman february Who showed good things at the start of the season. In the home race they also wouldn’t want to distort the figure Evo Monticelli e Alessandro LupinoAlways in search of the big claw.

Brought to you by OA Sport Dirita Live From Italian GP From World Motocross Championship 2021The third race of the year. 1 . race It will start in hours 13.10And the 2 . race All 16.10We’ll check in a quarter of an hour before each run to deliver this best home event. Good fun!