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Medvedev also overtakes Zverev and reaches the semi-finals of the Nitto ATP Finals

Medvedev also overtakes Zverev and reaches the semi-finals of the Nitto ATP Finals

Turin – In the evening programme Nito ATP Finals, In the second match of the second round red group, Medvedev He managed to overcome Zverev In two sets with a score of 7-6 and 6-4 in one hour and 47 minutes of play, he qualified for the semi-finals. after He surpassed his friend and compatriot Rublev With a score of 6-2 and 6-4, the Russian defeated the German in the replay of the 2021 final in a very balanced and difficult match. Medvedev now occupies first place in the red group with two points, while Zverev and Alcaraz compete for one point, and Rublev occupies last place with 0 points.

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The first group

The first group went to Medvedev. The Russian was able to win the first set in the tie-break with a score of 9-7 after 63 minutes of play. In a difficult set it is characterized by two rest periods (one for each). In the tiebreak, on the comeback, he found the right flash, and also saved two set points for the German, taking the lead by winning the first set.

Medvedev-Zverev: precedents

Medvedev and Zverev have faced off 17 times in their careers, with a record 10 successes for the Soviets (59%) and seven for the Germans (41%). I think Zverev won the first four matches. This year alone, the two have faced each other on five occasions, with Medvedev winning in the round of 32 in Indian Wells, Monte Carlo and Rome and in the semi-finals in Beijing. The only high note for Zverev in the round of 32 in Cincinnati.

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