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Winter Olympics - Italy out despite beating Denmark 10-3: China condemns us

Winter Olympics – Italy out despite beating Denmark 10-3: China condemns us

Italy had put its heart into it, but it was too late. Denmark with Cinderella in the group (one win and seven defeats) came the second win in a row (10-3) after Success over the US Olympic champions.

Unfortunately, China’s 6-5 win over Switzerland mathematically eliminates the Azzurri from racing to the semi-finals with one round. The national teams that have already qualified for the semi-finals are Great Britain (7-1), Sweden (7-1) and Canada (5-3).

The Chinese turned out a very close match against the Swiss at the last end: the two dangling points in the last hand seemed an indictment for the Azzurri, who would still lose if they fell into the head-to-head table. The victory of Great Britain over Russia with a score of 8-6, which would have kept us alive only if a different result had been achieved between Switzerland and China, is pointless.

Beijing 2022

Curling – Beijing 2022 – highlights of the Olympics

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Match Report

The first half of the race is about a freeze game and a lot of studying. The distinguishing factor driving us forward is the incompetence of Danish skipper Mikkel Krause, who scored 30% in orders at the end of the first 5 finishes. The Italians take a fraction of the fuel: Denmark takes advantage of Joel Returnnaz’s erroneous bank game, and finds itself with an opportunity to impose a three-of-a-kind cold. Krause, however, is not taking advantage of his hammer, and made two points.

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Italy could immediately get back on track at the second end: Denmark completely missed the third and last penultimate goal, allowing Retornaz to remove the only toxic Scandinavian stone from the house. 2-2 and downhill match. Then, the Blues stole the match’s first hand thanks to Krause’s short-sightedness, certainly far from optimal focus to impact key moments. The Danes return to the game just before the break, leaving the hammer at 3-5.

Total failure for Returnaz by four points for Italy

Returning from break, the Blues cut the deadly locomotive: With the hammer available again, they keep the Danes away from home. Riturnaz’s refusal allows Italy to impose four heavy points, flying 9-3. Denmark waves the white flag at the seventh finish, once the final has collected 10-3.

Denmark misses the last shot and Italy wins

Italy calendar

  • Thursday February 10 – 07.05 Italy and Great Britain (5-7)
  • Friday 11 February – 02.05.2020 Italy and Sweden (3-9)
  • Saturday February 12 – 07.05 Italy and China (9-12)
  • Sunday February 13 – 02.05 Italy and Russia (7-10), 13.05 Italy and Switzerland (8-4)
  • Monday February 14 – 07.05 Italy – Canada (3-7)
  • Tuesday 15 February – 13.05 Italy – USA (4-10)
  • Wed Feb 16 – 07.05 Italy – Denmark (10-3)
  • Thursday 17 February – 02.05 Italy-Norway

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Beijing 2022

Italy do their homework: 10-3 against Denmark, highlights

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Beijing 2022

Denmark misses the last shot and Italy wins

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