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Ferrari F1-75, Alesi stupito dal musetto

Ferrari F1-75, Alessi surprised by the nose – Formula 1

over there Ferrari Today will enter a new era of Formula 1. Now 2022 has finally arrived which was sparked by the entire Maranello management, Mattia Binotto in the first place. The Cavallino team, which is aiming at least this year to reclaim victory in the Grand Prix – a result missing from the 2019 season – is ready to present the car in which Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will try to get close to the Mercedes-Red Bull duo, who dominated last year unchallenged. F1-75, that evocative name given to the last redhead of the circus, will be officially revealed this afternoon at 2pm. However, there are those who manage to like it up close in preview.

Former Cavallino rider Jean Alessi, which is still loved by all Ferrari fans around the world, and among those who have been awarded this privilege. In an interview with French TV Canal+, the red car’s historic number 27 spent very nice words for the new car, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail – and aesthetic too -. “This is the first time in a long time that Formula 1 has changed technical regulations almost 100%. So the machines will be great.” The French, who then focused on some characteristics of the newborn from Maranello, emphasized.

I saw Ferrari in the preview. It is a true marvel, so wonderful. She has a mechanical snout that looks impressive And I hope it goes just as fast, so I can join last year’s duel between Mercedes and Red Bull – Al-Essi added – I’m a racing fan, but F1 is F1. and F1 Ferrari. So, when it’s OK, there’s a lot of excitement. Honestly, the car is a little gem compared to the Pride Bull, for example, and it’s nothing special because it’s a show car. When you see Ferrari, it will be shocking.”He is done. Contrary to what other teams have done, Red Bull above all must present in Maranello the “real” car, the car that will then take to the track since the Barcelona tests.

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