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Volleyball – Italfuli Revolution: Coach Davide Mazanti as well as Paola Igono crossed, but does it make sense?


The news reported by colleague Gian Luca Pasini on Gazzetta dello sportIt would be incredible. The condition is a must because it seems almost implausible for a movement to give up its movement picture player And to the coach who brought Italfuli back to the top of the world after several lean years. However, regardless of the third / fourth place result in the 2022 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, Al Ittihad is considering a change of technical leadership, with the coach David Mazanti Under discussion et al renewal For a national team that may not appear in it anymore Paula Iguno.
There are those who are willing to use the term “shame‘, for the World Championships in which Italians can still wear the bronze around their necks, referring to structural problems Obvious for a while, but hidden under Taraflex thanks Victorious results It was acquired in the 2021 European Championship and the 2022 Volleyball Nations League. These successes cast a shadow over many professionals and fans, causing them to believe – wrongly – that this Italia he was there The strongest team ever, destined for this very reason to dominate the world volleyball scene for years. Pure and simple madness caused by one madness result culture They are all Italian, where each training is evaluated only on the basis of the results obtained and almost is not compared to the others.

Orro: “Pleasure is our secret. With Egonu, what a diagonal!”

Women’s World Cup

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Brazil, China, Japan, Serbia and the United States are very strong national teams, and no matter what generational change they experience – especially Brazil coach Ze Roberto – they remain equal opponents, with the transition from winning to defeat almost always. A matter of details. Given the failure, ko (1-3) in the semi-final against verdeoro only makes sense if the starting point of reasoning is wrong, and Italvolley’s assessment is stronger and more complete than any opponent. It becomes almost implausible to put an Azzurro on the grill, and above all, put shining star From this national team.

in processing Theme-EgonuClarity is needed immediately. paola one volleyball player split: From fans to public opinion, passing by experts in the discipline and the world of journalism, not just sports. On the technical level, the opposite is undoubtedly the player who transformed Italy from an excellent team into a national team capable of competing on an equal footing with the best, Compensation for the gaps At 6+1 and also the sometimes questionable choices of their coach. This Italvolley obviously lacks consistency in place 4, but one cannot even throw a cross at the crushers required to work in that area, i.e. Katrina BosettiAnd the Elena Petrini And the Myriam Sella. Something is simply missing, and in a large group of very young players who are already champions with Under Azzurre, we hope to find a solution.

there solution It should have been Petrine And it will be, at least for us. Elena pays a very choppy performance in reception, but in an unquestionably aggressive manner and represents the future Italian volleyball. When he’s only 22 years old, to think that he doesn’t have time to improve on the basics he’s struggling the most is really absurd, as it is contradictory It’s not being able to understand why they are in these World Cup finals Prefer Bosetti and Silla. with Alicia Oro Not very creative when reception wasn’t perfect, choosing to play Pietrini meant at the same time putting director Azzurra on even more difficulty, which is often called out resort to Egonu To compensate for the obvious difficulties in the second line. This is why it is almost distasteful to be skeptical about the new VakifBank Istanbul reversal as well.

In time, someone will definitely have to explain a fileEgonu eruption from nine meters, given that in these world championships, Paola has completely changed the way she plays the joke and has never been as categorical as in the past. Our feeling is that something, on a physical-athletic level, is not 100% and inevitably reflects on the first contemporary basic. for the rest, Make Egonu the scapegoat Helpful in asking forgiveness for one’s sins is typical of a club that – on a sporting level, but not only – struggles to have a far-sighted view of the outcome itself. At the end of the European Championship 2021, Egonu was the queen Volleyball in the world, praised and revered by everyone as a kind of deity. Now it will be there instead the main culprit Who an alleged failure could have a world bronze weight?

It is very clear that a file Chemistry within the group Azzurro is still unknown to us, so it is not certain that the smiles we see on different Taraflex in the Netherlands do not hide bad moods, perhaps even deep ones. However, to come back to thinking that this Italvolley problem is yours The innate ability to play with a smile on his lips – as it was already done on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, the one that ended in real failure – that would be unfair: first of all towards fourteen women Belonging to this national team, then towards the same 14 professionals, and finally towards all the employees of Azzurro.

With a calmer mind and light heart, you will surely make gods Think about artistic value This is Italy, which could have done more – in terms of the quality of its game – during the World Cup. But the implementation of a kind of The Copernican Volleyball RevolutionHowever, changing the technical guide and significantly excluding the main player in Italvolley, could not pay the desired profits at all. If the goal is five circles Paris 2024time is already running out from now and Alternative to coach Mazanti It should be ready immediately. One for EgonuUnless Tijana Boskovic He did not decide to rediscover an Italian ancestor in his family tree, Instead it does not exist. By itself, this should make us think carefully…

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