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Weather report.  A new disturbance hits Italy, bringing rain, thunderstorms and snow back.  Situation and evolution in the next few hours « 3B Meteo

Weather report. A new disturbance hits Italy, bringing rain, thunderstorms and snow back. Situation and evolution in the next few hours « 3B Meteo

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Italian Weather News
Italian Weather News

The situation is 8 am. The Arctic intrusion that has reached Italy in recent days has begun to weaken and is being replaced by moist but moderate southwesterly currents, causing a disturbance to a certain deterioration of the weather, especially in the northwest. Moderately stable conditions affect the rest of Italy, although a certain intensity of instability should be expected to develop in the mid-south interior in the afternoon.

First rain in the northwest, thunderstorms in Liguria, snow in the Alps. A front from France has already caused some damage in the north-west, with some rain in upper Piedmont and north-west Lombardy and a few thunderstorms in Liguria. The area between Savona and Genoa is particularly affected, reaching 20 mm of rain accumulations on the border between the two provinces. Meanwhile, the cold air left behind by the Arctic influx allows snow to whiten the alpine areas of the Piedmont above 1000 meters, albeit with much lower accumulations.

Some rain on the parade. Weak events affect the Marche coast between Anconnetano and Peceres, until it covers part of Romagna. However, these are very weak events, with very little precipitation accumulation.

Weather for the next hour. Al Nord Early clear except for thickening and first rain in northwest. It worsens during the day in the northwest with rain and showers in Liguria, Piedmont and western Lombardy, spreading to the rest of Lombardy and in the evening to Emilia, western Veneto and Upper Friuli Vigo. Snowfall in the Western Alps at 1200/1400 m. to Center Thickening in upper Tuscany and partial mowing in the morning except for local rain in March; Clouds will then generally increase from the afternoon, with some rain inland, and then decrease inland across the Adriatic coast by evening. The snow range is 1800 m. to Suth Patchy accumulations and some rain in Campania in the morning, easing as the hours go on, elsewhere it will be a little cloudy early but in the afternoon there will be some variation in the Apennines with localized rain in central-northern Puglia. In Sardinia A few clouds in the morning and afternoon-evening with some variation in northern areas. The temperature rises. Enter the section for all details Italy weather.

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