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Suragna: "This province has a big role in basketball"

Suragna: “This province has a big role in basketball”

Alexandria – “Guys, your goal, It must be, every day, that I train a lot, with passion, for Improving the best that everyone knows they can give. The dream of Kobe Bryant being beautiful, but the real teacher is Always bring out your best“.

Matthew Soragna my players New basket teamAnd coaches and parents listen. Won a silver medal in Athens 2004 OlympicsAnd a month earlier he was in the team that won, in a friendly match in Germany, the US dream team, in the game is a legend. “The strongest player you’ve faced? Manu GinobiliNo one has won anywhere like him.”

It also talks about the regional reality. “This land has been occupied and worked out A leading role in Italian basketball. Tortona is an expression for one Nice and solid layoutwith really nice values ​​and contents, and thereSports castle It is a masterpiece. country house It’s a uniform yard, girls Castelnovo They can go up and it’s important that Derthona creates a great polo shirt for men and women. “Thank you also for Dirtona Basketball LabToday, it is represented by the President of the Republic Claudio Covano: A new basketball team will soon join the “Assad” family.

“I tell you guys to think, every time you get into the gym, about how much you’ve missed out on that place, and the game, on shutdown: you’ll see how much extra energy you’ll have. And to the parents I say: the boys’ place in the field, your place in the The stands for cheerleading.