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Benedetta Rossi was eliminated, and he entered her kitchen: he is now in her place

Benedetta Rossi was eliminated, and he entered her kitchen: he is now in her place

Benedetta Rossi conquered her kitchen Source @Instagram –

Benedetta Rossi was killed by him, and no one expected a food blogger to suffer from such a trusted person: this is what happened.

YouTuber, Influencer, Food Blogger, Presenter and TV Presenter, now Benedetta Rossi Known as the channel Homemade by Benedettabecame a real star of the small screen.

His Instagram profile can boast very well 4.9 million followers With a very affectionate community with which Benedetta Rossi shares a lot of information about her private life, she often finds support and comfort, as well as… Business successes.

Indeed, within a few years, the sweet Benedetta Rossi has emerged with her wonderful recipes suitable for everyone, designed to cook with taste but also with… Piccolo budgetShe has managed to make herself loved not only by adults but also by kids.

As we know, he became a food blogger too Cartoongiven to you Super Pennya children's TV series, full of adventures with four-legged friends and fun comedic situations featuring a food blogger.

What happened in Benedetta Rossi's kitchen

Benedetta Rossi is also very popular among chefs themselves, food bloggers and influencers, but also by well-known personalities on the television scene, in fact, for example, she was also a guest on Antonella Clerici On his show It's always midday.

Even Benedetta Rossi, on her Instagram profile, did this often Guests in his kitchenBut no one expected it to be so Thus, he was overthrown. Someone very close to the Food Blogger killed her and took everything.

Benedetta Rossi Marco -
Marco Fonte dish @Instagram –

It has now taken its place

What happened was amazing: Benedetta Rossi was He had to leave the place Under everyone's eyes, it now seems that there is no longer a place for her. We were all speechless, but what happened, Who took the place of the cook?

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It was Benedetta Rossi who stole the show His Marcofood blogger husband, who decided to offer one for everyone A very light and excellent recipe for diet. It is pasta with garlic, oil and hot pepper that is prepared by mixing regular spaghetti with spaghetti obtained from vegetables. recipe He performed it himself, but Benedetta Rossi is clearly proposing alongside her. The recipe was liked by all followers They really appreciated Marco behind the stove.