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The end of Milan and Inter's fight over the Scudetto.  And drink…

The end of Milan and Inter's fight over the Scudetto. And drink…

If he is among the fans Milan And Dale“Inter.” There was a no-fight pact between the players on the pitch and it wasn't quite like that. Three red balls and many fouls, in a very sensitive derby matchAnd he brought the Scudetto to the Nerazzurri.

Many words were flying on the field and pictures were captured by the video camera DAZN They tweaked two scenes in particular with the heroes Lautaro Martinez, Adly, then also Acerbe and Maignan.

“But who are you?”: Lautaro “Boris-style” against Adly

Remember the scene where Stannis Larochelle doesn't recognize the apprentice, Sepia? Well, that's more or less how it went Lautaro Martinez and Adly. With higher notes for sure. It all started with a foul suffered by Barella, who after the contact remained on the ground in pain, which angered the Rossoneri midfielder, who asked him several times to get up, accusing him of falling. The Inter captain intervened in his defense with a sharp statement: “Shut up! You should shut up!”. Immediately afterwards he added clearly: “But who the hell are you?” Here is the reference to the series. Very heated debate, the match is still 0-0.

In the end, there was also another long-term disagreement, this time between them Immature H MinyanWith the defender screaming at the opponent's goalkeeper “Stay in the goal, your goal is there, I did well”I invited him to stay away and stay away. In short, it was not only the kicks, but also many words that flew at San Siro.

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