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Program, dates and times from the quarter-finals to the final, TV, streaming - OA Sport

Program, dates and times from the quarter-finals to the final, TV, streaming – OA Sport

The The 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships begins directly with the knockout stage. After two intense team phases that marked the last two weeks of play, it’s time for clashes inside or out. will start Tuesday 11 October with the quarter-finals: Two matches in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) at 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm, two more matches in Gliwice (Poland) at 5.30 pm and 8:30 pm. Winners of matches held at the same location will face each other in each of them Semi-finals on Wednesday 12 October (in Poland) and Thursday 13 October (in the Netherlands)Both are scheduled at prime time. The final takes place on Saturday 15 October in Apeldoorn.

Italy became the champion of the excellent trip, which featured eight wins and one tiebreaker step up against Brazil. The European Champions finished Group E in first place and They will return to the field in Apeldoorn to face ChinaAlready defeated in the second group stage. Blue contains all the credentials to access a file The semi-finals, where the rematch against Brazil can be achieved, previously expected from the crossing with Japan. In Gliwice, on the other hand, the . file World title holder Serbia will have to deal with Poland The mistress of the house, while The Olympic champions of the United States will be summoned to the sports battle against the fierce Turkey.

Below is the full calendar, detailed schedule and times for the World Cup knockout stage 2022 women’s volleyball. The matches will be broadcast live on Al Rai and Sky. Live streaming on Sky Go, Now Tv, Rai Play and Volleyball World Tv; LIVE LIVE is written on OA Sport.

Women’s Volleyball World Cup from the quarter-finals to the final: Italy challenge China. Calendar, program and schedules

Women’s volleyball result 2022

Italia against China

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Brazil vs Japan

Serbia vs Poland

USA vs Turkey

World Volleyball 2022 calendar: from the quarter to the final

Tuesday 11 October:

17.00 Italia Against China in Apeldoorn (Netherlands)

17.30 America – Turkey in Gliwice (Poland).

20.00 Brazil – Japan, in Apeldoorn (Netherlands)

20.30 Serbia – Poland, in Gliwice (Poland)

Wednesday 12 October:

20.30 Semi-final 1: Winner USA – Turkey – Winner from Serbia – Poland, in Gliwice (Poland)

Thursday 13 October:

20.00 Semi-final 2: Winner between Italy, China and Brazil-Japan Winner, in Apeldoorn (Netherlands)

Saturday 15 October:

16.00 Third Place Final in Apeldoorn (Netherlands)

20.00 Women’s Volleyball Final 2022, in Apeldoorn (Netherlands)

How do you see the world championships on TV and live

Live TV, free and clear, on Rai channels (specifies detailed schedule).

Live TV broadcasts, for subscribers, on Sky channels (the detailed schedule will be determined).

Free Live Streaming on Rai Play.

Live broadcast, for subscribers, on Sky Go, Now Tv, Volleyball World Tv.

LIVE LIVE is written on OA Sport.

Photo: FIVB