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Long tenures for general managers

Long tenures for general managers

April 26, 2024, at 06:50

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PalermoA touch of the magic wand will be enough, Sign in the Council and voila, the Extraordinary Commissioners for Health will in fact become General Directors of Sicily's health companies.

The names of general managers had already been chosen at the end of January (Read the full list here) There will be no second thoughts of any kind. However, another week passed without the final appointment procedure being reached.

Nomination “Bonino Poligo”

Actually something has happened in the last few days. Maurizio Lanza He was actually “converted” on April 15 from Commissioner to Director General of the organization “Bonino Poligo” Center for Neurological Deprivation in Messina. Who knows why only him.

However, Lanza will have to hire new health and administrative directors. Considering that whoever was there had expired his appointment. And it looks like Lanza won't be working overtime to speed up appointments.

Nearly two years of commissioning

Therefore, healthcare in Sicily remains essentially “expensive”, It is a situation that has been going on for almost two years, considering that the first extensions were approved long before the regional elections (fall 2022) that brought Renato Schifani to the leadership surface.

the reasons? Some say we will talk about it after the elections To ensure that the Commissioners…are sufficiently committed to collecting votes for the correct 'parishes'. This seems to us to be a motive at odds with the strong sense of institutionalism that Shivani has repeatedly demonstrated.

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“Chincili Guide”

It is likely that a final agreement on distribution has not yet been reached (A division, some say) of the positions of Managing Director and Health Director having to be balanced between the different majority parties with the 'Sincili Guide' in hand.

At this moment when the lists and balances in the European championships are fluctuating, No one among the majority parties believes it is useful to speed up the pace of elections. The result is that the finish line dangerously threatens to move into the summer, if not even beyond. The new balance of power that will emerge from the vote will become almost inevitable Government amendment.

Unstable health care situation

Delay is not good (a euphemism) for Sicily's precarious healthcare system He certainly does not need more burdens. There are many problems, starting with waiting lists that may have improved but are still far from the appearance of efficiency.

Official reports prepared by the Ministry of Health They are worried. The latest monitoring of LPAs by aid area (prevention, region and hospital) attests that Sicily is in default. It is not the only one, but the percentages are among the worst.

Negative figures also regarding regional tumor mobility, Which takes into account patients who go for treatment in other areas: Sicily has a negative balance – 2,333 patients. Also in other performance suitability criteria the Sicily struggles. So much so that even from the ministry there was more than one request to speed up the appointment of company directors.

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Powers of commissioners

This must be said on a purely theoretical level The powers of the extraordinary commissioners are equal to those of the Director General. The only difference – perhaps formal but perhaps fundamental – is that managers currently do not have specific goals to achieve in the contract. This is why concern is growing.

The current extraordinary commissioners, Furthermore it, They work as a team with medical and administrative directors Which will definitely be changed very soon. The orientation, in fact, is not the assertion of anyone in the place where he has worked so far.

It is difficult to plan in these circumstances. It is difficult to move up the Italian efficiency rankings. Patients are becoming increasingly impatient. What do they care about the balance of the palace?

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April 26, 2024, at 06:50