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The Darts’ commentary clip on Dazn goes viral in the UK: There’s Fagnano’s Giordano Reale


Fagnano Oluna – “Double twelve!” The dart sticks to the target e Trio commentator Dazen from the World Archery Championships He explodes in jubilation, consisting of shouts and hugs, as if the Azzurri had scored in the World Cup. Among them there are also Giordano Reali by Fagnanowho as a player prides himself on owning two Darts Scudettos in his palm and who he was “Art Commentator” in “Arrows” on TV in Italy. “Behind the scenes” video of DAZN’s commentary on the PDC World Darts Championship Final They were dumped online for days, with thousands of views on various social platforms, especially in the UK, where the sport of “darts” (darts) is very popular.


Emotional and “colorful” commentary – to put it mildly – on what was defined “The greatest station of all time” (In the sport of darts, “shin” is equivalent to “tennis”) It drove darts fans across the Channel crazy. there The sequence of shots is borderline perfect by two world championship finalists, England’s Michael Smith and Dutchman Michael van Gerwen, concluding with Dramatic “Nine Quartets” by Smith, which is very rare in darts, nine shots to win the 501 points needed to win the ‘leg’, a kind of clear run without any misses. The video clip depicting the Dazn trio (with Fagnanese Reale, there are also Dario Mastroianni and Giorgio Basile) It was spread on the websites of the major English newspapersIncluding “The Sun”, “Mirror” and “The Daily Star”. “Unleash the Italian Commentators” This is the very popular “Sun” title..

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“going wild”

Incredible live footage show Giordano Reali, who once said, “But what is the Playstation?”The level of the match was so high that she handed the world title to Michelle Smith, then exploded in euphoria along with the other commentators afterwards. Michael Smith “The Nine-Arrowed Ending”.. Literally afraid. On the other hand, they experienced a historic moment for Darts fans as champions. Among the many who have re-released the viral video of Dazen’s trio of commentators, there are even those like Australian sports commentator Jake BuckleyThese guys would have been awarded the Oscar for Best Commentary, if there had been one. Show within show at the final of the PDC World Darts Championship, which took place in early January at the Alexandria Palace Theatre, London, Dutchman Michel van Gerwen, a three-time champion nicknamed Mighty Mike, and Englishman Michel Smith, known as “Bully Boy”, in his second consecutive final. Now, thanks to reposts and twitters on social networks, they are King Charles III topics They learned the meaning of “twenty three times.”which is the most symbolic exclamation ever seen in the sport, or when the player fired in a series of three arrows at a target He managed to stick it in the cloves Which is worth 20 points and in the innermost rectangle allowing you to triple The score, and therefore the sum of the maximum possible score in one series of throws, is 180 points (60 for each dart, over 50 for the “bull’s eye”, target post), on 501 is required exactly to conquer “stalk”. Always with a “double” to end the sequence.

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Giordano Reale, better known as “Giordo”

In Dazn’s trio of commentators, the Born in Fagnano in 1971 Giordano RealeAnd nickname “Gord”, is talent, that is, the artistic shoulder. He has been a ‘dart thrower’ for more than thirty years: he was twice Italian champion with his club, Darts Team Appaloosa based at the Cairoli Club in Cairo. Since 2010, Giordano Reale, who has been an employee of a local company in his career, has been since 2010 A TV face from Darts In Italy, between the “pay” channels Fox Sports, Eurosport and now Dazn. It’s a sport that’s now earned An increasing number of enthusiasts also in Italy, thanks primarily to the fantastic commentary of the World Championships and other major events of the darts season. Now Giordo and his comrades are also known in the “home” of the sport.

Darts Dazn Giordano Reale – Malpensa 24


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