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Not only the Italian league, Frosinone is looking for an international dimension –

Not only the Italian league, Frosinone is looking for an international dimension –

Ciociaria is participating for the first time in the General Assembly of the European Club Association, the association that brings together the main European teams. The three days in Berlin include a series of speeches on the future of continental football. Common thread integrity and sustainability. Yellow and Blue Club Ambassadors Rosario Zueno, Managing Director, and Piero Doronzo, Organizational Director

International company. Not only because he sits at the negotiating table with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus Reinier, Ibrahimovic, Kony, Barincia, Sole And Cayo George. But also in terms of sports strategies and politics, so much so that he participated (by invitation) for the first time in his history in the General Assembly of the European Club Association, the association that represents European clubs and promotes continental football.

A presence not only symbolic: after Serie A, Frosinone wants to start moving on a larger scale. Another step for the Ciociaria Club who understand that professional sport is now globalized and we also need to look beyond national borders. A move to appointment in Berlin therefore becomes compulsory and, among other things, can be a source of pride for the entire region. And confirms the credibility gained by the company at all levels.

Integrity and sustainability

Rosario Zueno

The ECA’s 30th General Assembly, which kicked off on Tuesday at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin, is attended by member clubs, affiliates and for the first time the companies of the ECA network, making this an exceptional opportunity for an unprecedented number of teams as part of the ECA family. The Frosinone ambassadors are Organizational Director Piero Doronzo and Administrative Director Rosario Zoino, the man in numbers of the yellow and blue club. The integrity and sustainability of football for all clubs will be at the heart of the three-day event: themes that Frosinone has pursued in recent years with firmness and concrete projects.

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The Assembly opened the new session of the Economic Commission for Africa (2023-2027) and it will mark an important and strategic moment. The first opportunity to implement the many changes in governance that were unanimously approved by the General Assembly last March. These steps include the election of a new board of directors (with two seats reserved for women), the admission of women’s clubs to ECA membership for the first time, and an increase in the number of its members to more than 330 full and affiliated members.

The future of European football is at stake

Gianni Infantino, FIFA President attending the European Club Association meeting (Photo © Presidency of Benin)

In Berlin, clubs will come together to shape the future of continental football. With Italy’s smaller clubs (plus Frosinone, Monza, Bologna, Lecce and Sampdoria) increasingly coming to make their voices heard, especially on the question of the economic division stemming from the new European competitions that start next year.

It is expected to deliver speeches from the main parties interested in the latest developments in the movement during the three days. ECA members will participate in the elections for the new ECA Board of Directors. The Berlin meeting, hosted by the famous presenter Hayley McQueen, promises to be the largest in the history of the association with hundreds of clubs from all over Europe. In addition to the speeches of the Presidents of the European Clubs Association Nasser Al-Khelaifi, UEFA Aleksander Ceferin, FIFA Gianni Infantino and Mahmud Ozdemir, Parliamentary Minister of State at the Federal Ministry of Interior and Community, the participants will be able to attend a meeting between 3 leaders in business, entertainment and sport..

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“Their ideas are sure to spark interesting discussions between our clubs and provide insight into the future of football.”explained Charlie Marshall, Executive Chairman of the Economic Commission for Africa. We are talking about Natalie Portman, actress, producer, author, and co-founder of Angel City FC (the world’s first and only franchise funded exclusively by women, playing in the National Women’s Soccer League in the United States). She is a philanthropist and will talk about the potential of women’s football and the power of women leaders working in the sport. then Timothy Lewicki He has over 30 years of experience in the world of sports and entertainment, having contributed to the development of the NHL, NBA and MLS. He founded the Oak View Group (OVG) in 2015 and serves as CEO of the company.

Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA President (Photo: Steffen Brosdorf)

The schedule will close Sir Steve HansenOne of the greatest coaches of the modern era. His record as coach of the New Zealand All Blacks is unmatched at 107 caps, 93 wins, 4 draws and 10 losses. He has won the Rugby World Cup twice, was named Global Manager of the Year in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016, and was knighted by the Queen in 2020.

Stirpe’s European vision

Maurizio Stirbi, President of Frosinone

In reassuring times, the president emphasized that the division of resources should be more balanced towards smaller clubs in order to raise the competitiveness of the leagues. The European Clubs Association can fulfill these requests by bringing together smaller clubs from all over Europe. In addition to Maurizio Sterbi He has often reiterated how even small and medium teams should have had the opportunity to enter the international arena for both sporting and commercial reasons. pedigree It also launched the idea of ​​a competition dedicated to smaller clubs, anticipating in some ways the birth of the Conference League.

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Frosinone, on the other hand, has been looking beyond national borders for some time. In 2018, he conducted his retreat in Canada to great enthusiasm from immigrants Ciociari and others. Moreover, it has launched projects in China and Hungary to promote its brand and methodologies in the youth sector. Now the ECA Association to raise the bar and participate in the renewal of European football and find an international dimension after returning to the Italian league.

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