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Another brand ends collaboration with influencer – QuiFinanza

Another brand ends collaboration with influencer – QuiFinanza

The flight of brands from Chiara Ferragni does not stop. After saying goodbye to Safilo, Coca-Cola and Paolo Pigna paper mills, Pantene also decided to break off cooperation with the influencer, once again facing the repercussions on its image due to being accused of aggravated fraud in connection with the case of judicial proceedings linked to Panduro Palocco. In fact, for a new product launch campaign, the beauty giant was going to cast another blonde, the 40-year-old Israeli model. Say monthly.

Pantene’s farewell to Chiara Ferragni

The collaboration between Chiara Ferragni and Pantene has continued ever since 2014, when the company chose the influencer as one of its brand ambassadors, with whom it also created custom articles as well as launched commercials taking advantage of the 36-year-old’s social following. Moreover, the multinational hair products company, in collaboration with the digital entrepreneur, launched the company “Strong Together” competition. To support startups led by women entrepreneurs and have created “other projects with a strong social impact.”

Pantene will finally succumb to the wave of negative comments on social media and pressure to end the collaboration with Chiara Ferragni. As mentioned Corriere della Sera, Already in March On the occasion of the launch event of the new product line, the entrepreneur did not appear among the faces of the promotional campaign alongside actresses and influencers such as Alessandra Mastronardi, Cristiana Capotondi, Clotilde Esposito, Ginevra Ferro, Angetutorials and Rosa de Grazia.

The Swiss brand’s move away from Chiara Ferragni risks further consequences for its budgets Phoenixthe company that manages the influencer brand, after the recent precedents of the cessation of cooperation with Pigna, the withdrawal of the commercial from Coca Cola and the exclusion of Della Valles from the Tod’s board of directors.

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This would be another blow to the digital entrepreneur’s business, although her own company recently clarified that it “did not see any contraction in its turnover until mid-December 2023, with a consequent decline in 2023 budget data.” Only partially affected “of a possible decline in sales” while regarding 2024 revenues, Vinis identified “operation in several countries whose performance was only partially affected by the events of December 23”. Today, with the beginning of the second quarter of 2024, the company is working to achieve the best possible results by the end of the current year, in the same spirit as always.

Who is Have Mond?

The farewell between Pantin and Chiara Ferragni could have been in the air for some time, but it has now been confirmed by the publication by Say monthly On her Instagram page are the first photos of the new advertising campaign.

The 40-year-old Israeli model has a long history behind her Career as a degree in advertising For every world-class brand such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, James Lakeland, Yves Saint Laurent, French Connection, Armani Jeans, Laura Ashley, Toni & Guy and Asos.

In a previous interview with People magazine, the model spoke about the pressure on physical appearance that those who do her work experience: “The pressure to be thin at all costs? There is always because my work is based on my appearance, but I don’t follow diets. I just try not to eat too much junk food. “I eat healthy, fish and vegetables.”