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Joe Bastianich and the banner dedicated to Barbara D’Urso, posted on Instagram, has fans going crazy

Joe Bastianich and the banner dedicated to Barbara D’Urso, posted on Instagram, has fans going crazy

Joe Bastianich made an Instagram post appearing intent on holding a banner with a message dedicated to a specific character: Barbara D’Urso.

Joe Bastianich He was always an agitator and stuntman, but now a showman who never stopped watching Italian TV, and his latest Instagram post fully confirms this.

Joe Bastianich message

The former Masterchef Italia judge stands on the steps of Milan Central Station, while holding, very seriously, a sign with a sentence written in block letters that left his fans stunned. Indeed, he readsFree Barbara D’Urso“The kind of gravitas that Bastianich is the spokesperson for and which, nonetheless, has all the trappings of being a gimmick to ride one of the hottest themes of the TV season that has just begun.

This gesture, as he himself announced in the description of the photo, was inspired by the now famous photo com. dudewithsignan account with an eight million following on Instagram, which became quite famous for the stylized phrases and slogans written on billboards and shown to passers-by on the streets of New York, with the impassive imperative expression on his face and his sunglasses.

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But followers began to wonder if it was a joke or a serious message, in fact there were comments like:Joe are you serious?Or some still quote him:Joe you dilute meorIt’s like horror movies“.

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Barbara D’Urso is in London

Unfortunately, Barbara d’Urso is not in Milan, and it looks like she won’t be there at least for long. The broadcaster, after being removed from Mediaset following the Afternoon 5 management’s non-confirmation, is now in the hands of Myrta Merlin, flew to London. There, she will begin a new adventure, as she announced herself before boarding the plane, without specifying her future plans.

However, in the meantime, there was no shortage of a rather detailed farewell to her fans, which she entrusted to her Instagram profile, where she recounted the evolution of the program she had been at the helm for 15 years, declaring once again that she did not fully understand the reasons for this change. at the pace. So all that remains is to wait for more news directly from the UK to find out more.