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Older brother Vib, Manuel Borzozo pinched (again) with her

Older brother Vib, Manuel Borzozo pinched (again) with her

A new view of Treviso swimmer Manuel Portozzo, one of the champions of the 6th edition of the Big Brother Vip.

Manuel PortozzoThe young swimmer from Treviso is among the champions of the sixth edition of big brother vipannounced last week as it is now known, The break with Lolo SelassieCinecittà House, the young princess of Ethiopian descent who is madly in love with her.

Older brother Vibe, Manuel Borzozo pinched again with his ex-girlfriend

A few days later, the “paparazzi” ex-Givino was twice with the same person: his ex-girlfriend, Federica Pizzi.

The date of first viewing dates back to the same day it was announced manuel on instagram, Who had, in the ANSA newspaper tag Announcing the end of the relationship with Lulu “For important and insurmountable differences in personality.” The second, instead, goes back to today: the influencer Amedeo Fenzaactually posted a picture of his ex-giffino with tie my shoes writing: “Even today Manuel is with his ex-wife.”

Reasons for the end of history between Manuel and Federica Still not very clear, but the girl, in the course of the swimmer’s adventure in Gf VIPwrote him a letter, he read it straight away Gentlemen, encouraging him to be himself, recalling the many good times they lived together. Certainly there is still a good relationship between the two and recent meetings prove it.

Radio Radio guest in the show “It won’t happen againLed by Giada de Missili, father of Manuel Portozzo He spoke of his son’s ex-girlfriends, saying:

“Objectively speaking, I say this by looking at all of his ex-girlfriends that I regret today because they were great girls and very generous, very friendly personalities.”

while, Lulu SelassieAs she announced herself on some Instagram Live, she devoted herself to music, intent on publishing her first album.sister too Clarissa He will be appearing for the first time in music soon but with one song.

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