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A chain reaction, catastrophe for the boys of Lenticia in a few moments

A chain reaction, catastrophe for the boys of Lenticia in a few moments

disaster a chain reaction. to Lentil children, the defending champion, Ray 1’s program has had mixed results. Indeed, on the episode of Tuesday, September 5, the team of Fabrizio, Corrado, and Germano faced moments of tension and defeat. All three in a short time vanished the prize pool a only 125 euros, Because of a series of mistakes at the stage of choosing words. Their final answer is “carpenter”, an attempt to connect the words “wonderful, teeth and….. e” startled them.

Not only that, but the Zerotono team from Naples took on the task of adding fuel to the fire. Although Lenticea Boys scored 10 points against 8 opponents, the atmosphere remained tense. Moreover, not long ago, the trio had violated the regulation. This happened when they had to guess the word “back” and the two players hesitated to formulate the sentence, leaving the simple preposition “di” for last, which clearly violated the rules.

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while Marco Lorney Announce some primetime specials. And thanks to the success in terms of ratings, the host is ready to move the game to Saturday evening, starting on September 30th. check who will put chain reaction compete with You deserve it. theIn short, let the challenge begin.

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