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Mourinho flies to the playoffs, Zaniolo is devastating

Mourinho flies to the playoffs, Zaniolo is devastating

Completely different music in recovery, With Roma it is completely different thanks to Mourinho’s changes which gave a boost completely Different For the Giallorossi attack. Above all, thanks to one Zaniolo destructiveThe best player on the field and the absolute champion of Roma’s comeback. Two penalty kicks were taken by Pellegrini, then the 3-1 goal that ended the matches completely. Between Ludogorets’ two chances, one over each goal 2-2 canceled by the referee for the opponent’s elbow on Ibanez at the start of the procedure. Roma are enjoying the victory, the fans are enjoying Zaniolo in the shadow of a derby who wants to play like a champion.


Pellegrini: “We want to win the derby”

These are the words Lorenzo pilgrims At the end of the match, he won against Ludogorets thanks to his double penalty kick Read everything


Mourinho, dig in Igli Tare

arrow head Mourinho to me the empty On Lazio’s relegation to the Conference League Read everything


Curva Sud prevailed in Lazio

party in south curve For the victory of Rome over the Ludogorets, and for defeat Lazio who came down to the league conference. Here is the course to make fun of Sari’s team Read everything


Mourinho: “Now the sharks are coming”

words Technical yellow red At the end of the match against Ludogorets Read everything


Zaniolo lights up the derby

Here are the words Nikolo Zaniolo On winning with Ludogorets and the derby next Sunday Read everything


Rome, tops and flops with Ludogorets

Here are the Giallorossi’s report cards for the Europa League challenge Read everything


Rome, potential opponents in the playoffs

over here possible rivals From the Giallorossi in the next round of the European League Read everything


Magical Zaniolo Night

A wonderful party for the talent of the Giallorossidevastating in the match against Ludogorets. Read everything


97′ – The match is over

The match ends with Roma winning. A great second half thanks to Mourinho’s changes, which turned the result. Roma fly to the playoffs.


90′ – Verdon kicked out

red folder for verdun, In the Roma penalty area, the player hit Zalewski’s face with his shoe on the ground after he tripped him.

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85′ – Zaniolo scored the third goal

Olympic at the feet of Niccolo Zaniolo. Giallorossi’s devastating counterattack talent: he starts from the midfield, reaches the penalty area and beats his right hand over the Bulgarian goalkeeper. Zaniolo Destroyer, Triple Roma.


76′ – Ludogorets tossed, referee overturned

The instant draw for the visiting team with Nonato. The Bulgarians resume play in midfield with contact between an opponent and Ibanez still on the ground. Work continued and Ludogorets tied. Protests from all the seats of the Giallorossi seats, Mourinho is angry. The referee goes to Var and after reviewing the procedure decides to cancel the goal.


73 & # 39; Rui Patricio is decisive

Ludogorets counterattack Who managed to enter the penalty area. The right hand of the Bulgarian striker, Roy Patricio Decisive in rejecting the ball with his feet.


64 & # 39; Mourinho fired, simulating a penalty kick

ONE SPECIAL OFFER On the seat. During Ludogorets’ protests over the penalty kick, the coach simulated friction in the area on Zaniolo Read everything


63′ – Rome ahead, all under Curva Sud

Zaniolo Amazing, landed in the area that provides Accuracy In favor of the Giallorossi. Again pilgrims From the disk, I realized again. Rome is before us, All players run under the south curve.


55′ – Roma tied with Pellegrini

from eleven meters Roma captain removes Ludogorets goalkeeper He throws the ball into the goal. The Olympic roar was sold, and immediately the ball in the center of the field to search for the winning goal and pass the turn.


53′ – Penalty kick for Roma

Penalty kick for Roma. Zaniolo lying in the area, the referee has no doubt


48′ – Vulpato warned, Mo is angry

Angry Mourinho With the yellow card rule for Fulpato as soon as he entered. Ludogorets of his own trocar, in contrast to volpato Touching the ball and the player: for the referee is a warning and then Mourinho’s call to protest.


46′- Chance El Shaarawy

Rome immediately boarded the Bulgarian port. counterattack Fasting the Giallorossi, the ball in the middle for the first attempt by Zaniolo saved, then right The Shaarawy He was rejected by the porter Ludogorets.

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45′ – The match resumes with three changes

Among the three players from Roma: Camara, Karsdorp and Belotti give way to Zaniolo, Fulpato and Crisenti.


47′ – The first half ends

The first 45 minutes of the match ends with Whistles part of the Olympic. Ludogorets forward, Roma confused and unable to shoot on goal. Too many loose balls at the bottom without taking the goal mirror. Dangerous Bulgarians on the counterattack.


42 & # 39; – Ludogorets in the future

loud Error Rome. rick Take the ball into the midfield e Extends undisturbed to the edge of the area The Giallorossi’s penalty kick after leaving his right foot that leaves no room for Rui Patricio. Ludogorets in the lead, an incredible mistake by Roma.


39′ – Belotti pulls high

The Giallorossi striker is trying inside the penalty area. Cross in the center of the area, and rooster Try a powerful shot on target that ends just wide.


35′ – Rome, few thoughts

Roma have the ball but Failed to create dangerous business. Slow maneuvering and inaccurate passes: the center of gravity is high but the chances are few.


23′ – Mourinho angry

Rome to press Ludogorets wait. So much. Because the Bulgarians are constantly losing time, especially since the goal kick. Mourinho Angry With the fourth referee of many interruptions.


20′ – Dangerous Ludogorets

Occasions To train the guest with thiago He entered the area after one good game with Rick: the ball ended high above Rui Patricio’s goal thanks to a swerve as well.


17 ‘- Shaarawy’s breath is far from the goal

A beautiful counterattack from Roma that started from Smalling’s closing and ended with a beautiful pass in the Belotti area for The Shaarawy: But the striker was expected by one of the defenders at the moment of the shot, as he turned the ball into a corner.


13′ – Roma pushes, Camara tries

Gypsy movement from El Shaarawy to Karsdorp, from one band to another, up to the touch in the middle camara Who tries right at first intention, but ends up way off target.

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9′ – Pellegrini, the punishment does not go

Do it on Belotti from a distance of 35 metres. take the ball pilgrims Who tried his right free kick, this time weak down.


4′ – Pellegrini touches the goal

Rome chance with its captain. From the edge of the box pilgrims try to truly On the second pole that has been completed of breathing. The Giallorossi requested a deflection, but the referee decided the goal kick.


0′ – the match begins

Roma Ludogorets match kicks off. Mourinho’s first ball with the home kit. On the other hand, the guest formation is empty.


Ibrahim: “This is final.”

A few minutes before kick-off against Ludogorets, Tammy lbrahim He made some statements to Sky: “This match is like a final, we know how important it is. They are a good team that we beat in the first leg, and we want to do the same with them. We have to realize that they are a good team. However, this is our home and we never want anyone to think of coming here to play. Easy match.


Mrs. Abraham on the field

There is, too fiancee From lbrahim She came to the Olympics to support Tami


Mourinho, extraordinary dinner before Ludogorets

Eve “divine” for Mourinho. Yesterday, the technician came in visit to me Palatine monks, a group of younger brothers in the center of Rome. The monks themselves announced the meeting to thank Mou through their social profile Read everything


Rome, sold out

Olympic Games sold out Also tonight in the match against Ludogorets. More than 60,000 Roma fans will fill the stadium for Fifteenth run out Straight. Read everything

7:00 pm

Roma-Ludogorets, possible formations

Rome (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio Vina, Smalling, Ibanez; Karsdorp, Kristanti, Camara, El Shaarawy; Zaniolo, Pellegrini; lbrahim.
Coach: Mourinho.
Available: Svilar, Boyer, Kumbula, Celek, Trippi, Zalosky, Buff, Matic, Belotti, Shumorodov, Vulpato.

LUDOGORETS (4-3-3): appeared. Cicinio, Verdon, Nedyalkov, Wittrey; Piotrovsky, Cole, Naresi; Rick, Thiago, Techpety.
Coach: Simondza.
Available: Sluga, Hristov, Terziev, Plaston, Gruber, Dimitrov, Kavomana, Goncalvis, Yordanov, Georgiev, Tesira, Nonato, Delev.

Rome – Olympic Stadium