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Allegri is angry and screams in the Juve dressing room. Here is the “disease.”

Allegri is angry and screams in the Juve dressing room. Here is the “disease.”

The technician is tough with the team because of some of De Bello’s decisions, Bologna’s protests, and then “illness.” Vice Landucci on TV

F. Cornachia-F. Della Valle

Massimiliano Allegri getting angry and raising his voice in the dressing room is nothing new. Things that happen after a match don’t go as expected and hoped. What never happened is that the Juventus coach did not appear in front of microphones and notebooks. The reason: illness, at least that’s what his trusted deputy, Marco Landucci, said, appearing on television and at the press conference in his stead. A version partially edited by the club’s press office, which only spoke of fatigue. Summary: Max is fine, he left the Allianz Stadium without the need for medical treatment, but since he was tired and even a bit restless after the match it was decided to avoid further stress.

Anger and screaming

It is difficult to understand what really happened in the belly of the Allianz Stadium after the final whistle, which Allegri wanted to win and which he prepared in a different way. What is certain is that the coach walked off the field in anger, partly at the performance, partly at the refereeing, which he did not like very much. He entered the locker room screaming so loudly that his voice could be heard even in the press area, but it is unknown if he was angry at someone in particular, the group or simply the outcome. He certainly wasn’t calm, other times he would walk off the pitch after 90 minutes, but he did show up regularly to talk, but this time he wasn’t.

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Landucci explained to Dazin: “Massimiliano had a slight but not serious illness, which is why he sent me.” Words that immediately sparked a kind of panic, but returned after the clarification of the press office, which preferred to talk about “general fatigue”, and therefore preferred to leave it alone. Perhaps Allegri sensed that Bologna could become a snare for Juventus, so much so that he warned the team in the pre-match press conference against easy enthusiasm. “I saw a lot after the first game,” he said, “it’s okay but we’re at the beginning of the season. If we don’t play Bologna in the right style, we can’t bring him home.” “It’s true that we have enthusiasm but we also need to be calm. The normal situation is to come back and win as many games as possible. We have to keep working”.


Words that now sound prophetic: Juventus could have taken advantage of an initially easy calendar to win again after huge success in Udine, and instead immediately found themselves in the chase and couldn’t get past the draw. It is easy for Allegri to lose his temper, perhaps also due to some refereeing incidents which are considered dubious (Juventus asked for a penalty for handball). Last season was very tiring because of everything that happened off the pitch and the coach lost control on more than one occasion, sometimes even publicly. This time, avoiding talking to him can also be a way to stop him from vocalizing, and perhaps a way to protect him. One of the stories circulating yesterday is that he was furious that Claudio Finucci, Bologna’s chief executive, had been on TV before him, but frankly the motivation seems pretty fragile. It is easier to be a buildup of stress that has become difficult to manage.

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Allegri will still have a few hours to rest, then he will have to return to focus on Juventus. The next opponent will be Empoli away from home, which does not stir up fond memories: Juventus were well beaten in Tuscany last season, perhaps because of the news, which arrived before the match, of the ten penalty points imposed by sporting justice on the capital gains story. This time the lady is aiming for a different ending.