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Breathe clean air at home thanks to these four “healthy” plants: few people know about them

Breathe clean air at home thanks to these four “healthy” plants: few people know about them

It is possible to breathe fresh air at home thanks to the presence of 4 very special and unknown plants: here are their benefits.

I the green It is essential in all home environments, especially in… bathroomA place subject to existence Mold Which can be harmful to people’s health and home. To avoid this problem, experts proposed an economical solution: addition 4 plants that purify the environment.

In all homes, The bathroom is the most used place And constantly submit Water vapor and mold. Places are full of moisture and everyone’s health is at great risk, in addition to the formation of mold and fungi that can cause serious dangers to the home, Which causes expensive damage. Therefore, a problem that should not be ignored.

Experts stressed how important it is to prevent and consider this idea Place a plant in the bathroom Which It has the ability to remove moisture And air purification. Moreover, these plants also help to create a more calm and zen atmosphere in the bathroom, plus they are very aesthetically beautiful to look at.

What plants should be placed in the bathroom to protect your health?

The first plant that is suggested to be placed at home to protect health isEnglish Ivywhich has the potential to eliminate approx80% of the moldThanks to its powerful purifying properties. Ideally, place it in a bright place and the soil should remain moist, watering it regularly.

Plants that should be in the bathroom
English ivy is among the plants that should be present in the bathroom –

Then suggest setting Peace lilyThis gives the house a more sober appearance, frees it from excess humidity, and purifies the rooms. It is important to determine that this plant It is not suitable for those who have a pet at home. As well as the fact that it thrives best in a dark environment and away from direct sunlight. They usually require very little maintenance and it is important not to water them too often.

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The third plant that experts suggest is: boston fern, Which has delicate evergreen foliage and the ability to significantly reduce air humidity. he prefers Do not expose to direct sunlightBut it needs indirect light. It is excellent for those who do not have a green thumb, because it does not require much care to survive.

We close the list of plants that will be included in the apartment with the beautiful plant TillandsiaIt is able to absorb a lot of moisture thanks to its unique leaves. It is important that the plant is placed near the window because It should absorb a lot of sunlight.