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Al Bano, the loss is very sad but it was necessary: ​​no one could stop it from happening

Al Bano, the loss is very sad but it was necessary: ​​no one could stop it from happening

Albano Caresi – Source: Instagram –

No one could prevent it, Al Bano Caresi’s loss was painful but necessary, as his happiness depended on this difficult decision he had to make.

Al Bano Carrisi He is one of those names that need no introduction, as their fame precedes them wherever they perform. The singer of Cellino San Marco, with his ex-wife, Romina PowerThey made the history of Italian music as we know it today.

Although the dynamic duo is no longer together on a romantic level, they still continue to perform individually and as a couple on a work level. For their fans, it’s always a great feeling, as in Adjust What they have on stage is the same as in the beginning.

However, Carisi, despite everything, had to accept it LossIt was a blow to the heart for him, but a necessary one. No one can do anything about it, the decision has been made now.

The loss of Al Bano Carrisi

Before we continue, we wanted to talk to you about why Al Bano Carrisi He has been in the spotlight for days. For those who missed it, the singer decided to participate in an experience that he had not yet tried throughout his years of career, which is the experience of singing at a concert. Football match.

Thus, Al Bano attended the preliminary match for the Italian Cup final between the two teams Atalanta and Juventussinging Mamli anthem. Unfortunately, this is partly due to emotion, and partly due to vocal problems, as the singer revealed He fenced off It is noteworthy that public opinion was divided over his performance. As was evident, they went viral on social media with sarcastic comments, which is why Carisi issued a statement on the matter: “I now understand that there is one part of Italy that is passionate about me and another that cannot bear me… This happened even to Christ, let alone a poor Christian like me…”

Al Bano Carisi and his weight loss
Albano Caresi and weight loss – Source: Instagram –

Radical change in nutrition

back to us, Al Bano Carrisi He did that and today he is still better Losing those kilos, the singer continues to maintain his fitness, with a decidedly leaner physique than in past years. He did it for his health and soon lost 7 kgas revealed in the past.

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He also revealed in a previous interview that he reduced the quantities some time ago CarbohydratesHe eats pasta only once a week, and combines his diet with native fruits and vegetables from his garden and fish. And so the singer of Cellino San Marco found himself once again the shape And vitality.