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Groundhog Day, Oaktree, and Chang

Groundhog Day, Oaktree, and Chang

After the tournament is finished, for a few weeksInter And her fans seem to have fallen for the film’s scenario hard day. In the successful and entertaining 1993 film, which spawned a veritable genre of bad remakes in various ways, meteorologist Bill Murray is forced to relive the same day over and over again. In the long run, he manages to break the spell of a movie that initially seemed like a fortune, then became a kind of torment and finally turned out to be an opportunity to become a better version of himself.

If it were to end this way also with the onerous issue of the loan that Suning contracted in 2021 with Oaktree, worth 380 million euros including interest, to be repaid by May 20. Given banking times, that means today. The scenario remains more or less the same for some time: first it seems like a new Pimco loan is just around the corner, then some hitches happen, and even today is closed tomorrow. There’s not much time left, so the last word will be written soon. The latest development sees Oaktree himself fighting back. Suddenly, the topic became that everyone wanted Inter.

The fact is that few people know the truth, and have signed a confidentiality agreement, making leaks relatively rare and reliable, and certainly not the fault of those trying to collect them. What is certain is one more thing: the cycle will end soon, and as strange as it may seem, the best security for a club is not always ownership, but management. In the case of Inter, even if the management changes, the management will not be untouchable. So all fans can rest assured.

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