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World Championships in Athletics, Noah Lyles angers the NBA stars

World Championships in Athletics, Noah Lyles angers the NBA stars

Noah Lyles, world champion in the 100 and 200 meters, is making NBA stars angry. The American runner was the absolute champion at the 2023 World Championships in Athletics in Budapest. In the end, with the victory in the 4×100 relay, he took home 3 gold medals. In his remarks during his press conference, he removed a pebble from his shoe: “In the NBA, whoever wins is defined as ‘world champion’…but world champion what?” said the 26-year-old.

In professional sports with stars and stripes—from NBA basketball to NFL football to MLB baseball—it’s customary to define the team that wins the Finals, the Super Bowl, and the World Series as the “world champions.” “But there is no flag in the NBA, – Lyles continues, – here in Budapest there is the world. There are athletes from all countries fighting and challenging each other for the flag … I love the NBA, and I have all the respect. … But. ..”..”.

Lyles’ words did not go unnoticed as the USA team competed in the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023 in Asia. On social media, many basketball stars and men responded with anger and annoyance. And Kevin Durante wrote: “Someone help this bro.” Her Phoenix Suns partner, Davey Booker, signed up by posting a “facepalm” emoji. Damian Lillard added a pithy “Tf”, the equivalent of “what the f…”.

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