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WhatsApp, two newcomers: users have come to expect them


With the new WhatsApp update, you will be able to receive two very important news. This will be the experience of many users. Let’s see what they are together.

news about The WhatsApp They really never stop coming, users are ready to welcome two more important. These promise to set a new tone for every user’s experience.

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the More than 2 billion WhatsApp users They know how the development team is always up and running. In the past few days we have reported many possible changes that will soon appear on the platform. However, in this article, we are going to see the last two stories: one is related to Search for messages while the other copy of the contents.

For some time now, WhatsApp has completely dominated the messaging sector even if there are competitors in all respects like Telegram. Of course, developments, surprises and tricks are the order of the day that give value to the platform is the order of the day. As in the case of a The makeup in particular that really scares everyone. In this case, the latest iOS version, 23.1.75, has highlighted two important news for users.

WhatsApp, the new iOS version changes everything: the latest news

As is often the case, some devices are updated first and receive news first. In this case, the lucky ones are the users who use the service through Apple devices. The innovations, as mentioned above, relate to chatting and sharing. At first we were able to search Inside chat message will limit the time frame of the same. While the second novelty is usability Drag and drop between one application and another. This is to copy and paste content in a very simple way.

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As for finding Message Across the time frame, the solution is quite simple. You have to touch an icon Calendar Choose the reference days. In the event that we remember, even if it is vague, it will be easier for us in a certain period to reach the message than to search for it with keywords. there The second grandmother It is definitely useful if we need to transfer content from one application to another. For example, we got a picture of Apple Messages And we want to send it to a friend who uses it android? Simply drag the file from the first app into WhatsApp and then confirm sending.

These two new functions can be found in theApplication 23.1.75. This version is not in beta but it is already a reality for some users. In fact, the update will be downloaded via Apple Store. For those who do not have these new features on their devices yet, all you have to do is update the app to test the new features right away.

These two features are just the latest that the app developers have to offer. There are many innovations that are already reaching users with The latest update completely blew everyone away. Without forgetting the tools offered by the platform: as in the case of Hide the WhatsApp icon. Even then, we’re talking about a little-known but increasingly popular method.

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