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iPhone 15 Pro revealed with U2 chip, 6x zoom, and the latest details

iPhone 15 Pro revealed with U2 chip, 6x zoom, and the latest details

Apple is preparing to announce the new best iPhone 15 Pro during its event scheduled for Tuesday, September 12: Before the official announcements, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported the arrival of the new Apple U2 chip for ultra-wideband technology, 6x zoom for the 15 Pro Max, in addition to reducing Weigh the stations while providing greater independence.

However, among the new features, Gurman is focusing on moving from stainless steel to titanium for the sides of the frame, which will result in an overall reduction in weight, as well as a more attractive appearance. According to his sources, the iPhone 15 Pro models will become about 10% lighter. Compared to the current generation. Moreover, thanks to the improvements that have been made Efficiency of the new A17 chipThey will have longer battery life.

In recent years, iPhones have become thicker and heavier to accommodate larger batteries. Now, if these latest rumors are confirmed, the iPhone 15 Pro will finally buck this trend.

iPhone 15 Pro – Appleinsider image

Although we don’t expect a huge difference in thickness, the 10% weight reduction is noteworthy news. Better yet, this won’t come at the expense of battery life. In fact, the efficiency improvements brought by the 3nm A17 chip It will allow Apple to improve the autonomy of the device.

So, it looks like this year Apple will be able to boast a few extra hours of battery life, while also improving CPU and GPU performance.

For reference, the current Phone 14 Pro has a battery life of up to 23 hours of video playback, but in real-life situations the battery life is much lower than this theoretical maximum.. Then, getting a few extra hours from the iPhone 15 Pro can only be welcomed by everyone.

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However, like last year, the new A17 chip will be exclusive to the Pro series smartphones, and the base iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will feature last year’s A16 chip.

The new Apple U2 ultra-wideband chip is available on all iPhone 15s

What will instead be present in all models is a new generation of Apple’s U2 Ultra-wideband chip, the first dating back to 2019 with the 11 Pro, which will improve the translation features of Apple’s Find My app as well as all apps that exploit this technology.

Gurman also confirms 6x optical zoom for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, as he’s shown several times in previews. always In the graphics sector, a noticeable jump in the camera sensor was also confirmed in the iPhone 15 and Plus models, which will become 48 megapixels from the current 12 megapixels. Even without exploiting the maximum resolution, with pixel binning, it is reasonable to expect significant improvements, also because it is the sensor used in the current top iPhone 14 Pro models.

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