Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Heavyweights are coming to WhatsApp! | From today no more problems with attachments


After years of making its users suffer from size issues, WhatsApp decided to listen and finally convinced itself that size matters.

The WhatsApp It has revolutionized our lives, and yet users often complain that there are not some functions that would greatly improve their lives. quality of life from the experience of using the application. Although the application usually responds promptly to user requests by always issuing stable and free updates, in other cases it is reluctant to adopt new features.

However, after years of waiting, there was finally a step forward that would make users with special needs of … size happy!

Infinitely bigger and bigger

The problem that has always plagued WhatsApp is that of image size that you can share in chat. The application has always applied an algorithm to the image uploaded by the user pressure Which facilitates its transmission, but at the expense of quality.

This problem means that the application cannot be used to transfer images in lossless quality, so its use is discouraged for a large number of purposes, primarily commercial ones: no one will share a digital image for professional use via WhatsApp, since the quality will be irreparably compromised. So we tend to use other systems, such as Telegram, to stay within the social network.

But now WhatsApp has decided to change the pace and is actively experimenting with opening its doors to uncompressed images.

Heavy weight champion

New construction released in phase beta For Android systems, it offers the possibility to choose the transmission quality of any image file that we want to share via Whatsapp chat.

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At the moment it works as follows: by accessing the image sending function, it is possible to access another settings window. From here you can set the upload quality each time, i.e. adjust pressure level From the picture. Besides, you can also decide to send the image in its original quality, without any data loss!

While you’re waiting for this new feature to come out of beta – it’s not yet known when – you still have some freedom over the quality of the photos you send. In fact, one of them has recently appeared New choice Within the app’s general settings, which can be accessed from the three dots icon on the top right of the layout: The option in question is called Image upload quality And it allows you to set it to 3 possible values, ie automaticAnd better quality And Data saving. You can choose the one you prefer, knowing that the best quality option will consume your data faster, so it’s best to activate it only when you’re on Wi-Fi.


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