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Weather, storm and wind warnings.  Hazard risk: Here it is - Chronicle

Weather, storm and wind warnings. Hazard risk: Here it is – Chronicle

Rome, 12 July 2021 – Thunderstorms e Sleet Then Great heat: Already from noon to this evening From France The first signs of something will come Atlantic recession, A spiral “breaks summer”, which is the first softening for the African anticyclone. A Gradually deteriorating The weather conditions triggered from the western alpine regions to the whole of northern and central Italy Orange warning Mostly Lombardy e Yellow in other 6 areas: Valle de Asta, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, part of Tuscany and Umbria and the rest of Lombardy.

The Department of Civil Defense. The sites of the and 3Bmeteo tests will start tomorrow, Tuesday, July 13, with a low pressure center, driven by very fresh air, ensuring it moves from France to our northwestern regions. Widespread rain, heavy storms, hail, lightning and strong winds are expected as underlined by the Civil Defense.

The rest of Italy will still experience warmer atmospheric stability, but for a short time: between Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th the hurricane will reach the central regions, with heavy rainfall and hail coming here. The wave of bad weather will also bring a clear drop in temperature: first with rain in the north, then in the center and south. The mercury column of the thermometer may drop to 10 degrees.


It has a yellow and orange warning Lombardy “Due to the danger of waterlogging and severe storms over Milan”. The rain will continue throughout the day from tomorrow morning. It will rain from early morning on Wednesday 14th July. The Lombardy Region Natural Disaster Monitoring Operation Center has issued a yellow alert for hydrological hazards and an orange warning for high-intensity storms. Lombardy also explained that the Arba Lombardy Meteorological Service “will be overcome by the deep depression structure coming from France to northern Italy, which will bring cold and unstable winds to high altitudes.” The most intense phase is expected to be stormy with winds of 10-15 m / s from 10 am to 8 pm. Bad weather lasts until Wednesday, but with less intensity. Tomorrow’s events of ‘La Scala in Citto’ have all moved into the house, with the program bringing the orchestra, chorus and corps de ballet out of the theater in conjunction with the Philharmonic from July 11 to 14 (website alternative project Detro La Scala).

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Comes across Tuscany Tuesday, July 13 From 8 a.m. to midnight, rapid thunder with strong thunder. An island sea from midnight north of Elba Island and off the north coast of Piombino. Strong gases of wind can affect the north of Elba. The Regional Civil Defense Operations Room has issued a yellow code throughout Tuscany.

Emilia Romagna

Inside from tomorrow Emilia Romagna There is a weather warning for the Civil Defense. Thundershowers, strong winds and hail are expected. Rainfall is high in the Apennine and northern parts of the plain. The low pressure starts from the north and then moves to the mid-east sector, with vigilance in the evening. Wind: Arbe reports that “gases will be moderate” especially in the southern fours with temporary reinforcements in the Apennine Ridge areas, while on the coast they will be “mainly breezy on the coast,” but from the evening onwards, they will have to move to the “Middle East region of the region. Fall temperature: minimum” About 21-23 degrees in the plains “, and” slightly above the beach “, and a maximum of” 32 to 34 degrees “.


Yellow alert with strong thunder throughout Piedmont, sharp drop in temperature expected. This was announced by the regional ARPA: the thunderstorm, which starts this afternoon, will intensify and expand tomorrow. Heavy rain, even in flat areas, and associated hail. Tomorrow the maximum temperature will drop to 23-24C.


The same warning for Veneto, bad weather is expected from tomorrow morning to early morning on Wednesday 14th July. On this basis, the Civil Defense of the region issued the warning of the Hydrological Criticism from 12.00 noon to 8.00 am tomorrow, “The level of attention (yellow alert) for the secondary hydraulic network of all the territories of the region”.