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Jewish Legion member assaulted and arrested – News

Jewish Legion member assaulted and arrested – News

A 19-year-old Egyptian was arrested for possession He beat a guard from the Jewish army with a stick On the sidelines of a demonstration in Milan on April 25. With eight North Africans unrelated to the pro-Palestinian demonstration in Piazza Duomo, a young man near a fast-food restaurant threw himself against the deployment of troops with kicks, punches and a pole. The Jewish Legion. All of them were reported for inciting to commit crimes on the grounds of ethnic, racial and religious discrimination, while the Egyptian was arrested and for possessing a stick.

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“An attack by Arab boys caused injuries throughout April 25, with cuts and bruises inflicted on peaceful demonstrators with the Jewish Legion.” David Romano, director of the Jewish Legion Museum in Milan, believes this, and takes with ANSA the National Liberation March, where members of the Jewish Legion were subjected to insults, whistles and even physical attacks. In Piazza Duomo, during organizational interventions from the stage, pro-Palestinian activists then mobbed Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala and the leaders of the ANPI and the Jewish Legion.

“The legalization of ProPal groups with anti-democratic impulses will turn Piazza Duomo into a minority of pro-Hamas, pro-Iranian ayatollahs, pro-Putin and pro-Erdogan zealots – continues Romano -. At the same time we who stood on the side of democracy, recalling the Jewish Legion and Ukrainian protests in Italy, today's Iranian, Russian and Eritrean protesters. We were struck by what we wanted to bring with us, “There is obviously something wrong. Not only for our security, this time has never been in such danger – he explains -. But throughout April 25, it was dominated by this fanatical and violent minority. This is a really bad view. , we hope this will never be witnessed again.”

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According to David Romano, director of the Museum of the Jewish Legion, who marched in Milan yesterday in the April 25 procession, today few voices are heard in defense of Italian Jews, and some justify the wave of anti-Semitism. We often hear pseudo-thinkers say, 'If anti-Semitism grows, it's Netanyahu's fault'.” However, “after September 11, many of us defended Muslims in Italy from crime and crime”.

“If it's racism, blaming Muslims in Italy for what Bin Laden or ISIS did, why don't I hear left-wing voices condemning this intolerance that affects Italian Jews for what's happening in the Middle East? – he continues – yesterday's attack during this parade attests to the desire to destroy the Jewish presence of 'Two Peoples' I underline what happened against those who carried the banner of 'Two States.' But when the squares are filled with sympathizers of the worst dictatorship, we are blaspheming those who died to restore democracy in this country – he concludes – and this also contributes to the weakening of democracy.”

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