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Italy-England, Assouri Report Cards: Mancini’s masterpiece, 9th Donorumma-Bonucci and Sielini yet another impossible wall


Penalty saved by Donarumma, Castle of Sielini and Bonucci, Emerson’s focus on the left, and Sisa’s slip. Thus Italy became the European champions, again in penalties as they were in the semi-finals. Masters masters their home filled with white and red inside Wembley Temple. Here are Assouri’s report cards from the final against England.

Donorumma 9 – Ice cream from Shaw in the beginning, he didn’t really have to put on gloves for 120 minutes. Then come the penalties, Southgate puts its best to win it, Gigio is spoiled. Para on Sancho, repeated in Saga. Monument.

DI Lorenzo 6.5 – The goal is his fault, but the skill lies in getting back on track immediately. Even if you have difficult customers in your area. A slip again. Instead, he is careful in front of English arrows. With a brilliant final, a super foreigner finishes European.

Bonus 9 – Balancing, of course. Seriously, of course. But beyond that it is plenty. Kane was canceled in the last hour of the game, charging the entire department, triggering silence and attack in managing each ball. Total leader.

Siallini 8.5 – He is 37 years old, but to realize it you need to know it. He beats when he is, and settles with the class as best he can. Everything is wall in every way. He was the best scorer in the world for each other. He proved it in front of an all-England cheering cane that was canceled from the final. Wall.

Emerson 7,5 – Three times harder task: to protect all English centometrians, to assist in attack and not to regret spinasola. It does everything it needs to do, without getting dirty.

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Game 7 – You don’t see him, but he always plays. All the blue layers pass him by, he commands the rhythm and will not settle himself even at the intermission stage. Total player, even though he was shaking from place this time. This will not be a car in the Golden Ball race.

Verdi 6.5 – Hard game in the middle, looking for places and breaking restarts. Without flash, fight and squeeze. Then he exhausts the field. Precious.

Stretcher 6 – It should give depth and fit into the bunker of England. He never won, Italy suffers. His worst match at the European Championships, but he has always been invaluable in breaking English resume plans.

Church 7.5 – Although the others seem to be distracted in the first half, he is always the only one trying. Did no one follow him? He sets it up on his own. Touch the target twice, create numerical superiority and break enemy lines. He gives it all up and only bends over to the ankle problem. The future is hers.

Insignia 7 – Next to that is best without a building, as it moves in full attack, passing through the center from right to left. He touches a hundred balls and this time he has the ability to take the team, even if the decisive flicker never comes.

IMMOBILE 5,5 – Sorry for punishing a blue player for not winning enough in the winning final. But his game is impossible and obvious. The competition will change when he comes out.

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CRISTANTE 6 – Enter the Parella and bring the centimeter and the club. But even the head shot heading towards the goal.

Ferrari 6,5 – With him the attack changes the skin and deserves to open a series of penalties with the cold. Always ready.

Bernardechi 6.5 – Sign in the cold, there is not even time to go into the extra disk rhythm, it should already go to disk. He’s not cheating, making a mark for the semifinals.

Locatelli 6 – Thrown on the field at 96 ‘, when Veratti can no longer pick it up, he is ready and reacting.

Belotti 6 – Called on the field instead of Sisa at the end of the regular time, he puts his body in it and allows Italy to breathe on several occasions. Avoid punishment, but it is precious.

Florence SV

Mancini 10 – He only believed it, three years ago. Instead, here we are, celebrating an unexpected victory. After the meter Metro built the national team he could not beat, on the pitch and on the head. He also had the courage to change everything in the final, finding an attack with 3 little ones and without a center. Who knows what this team would have done without him. He adds tears at the end of the game with Gianluca Violin, which makes us understand how much he cared. 10 is an almost useless ballot, but raise your hand if you can find a flawed, black shade for your national team. Author of success, without ifs and buts.

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