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Ukraine, live - Kiev: "The ship full of grain for Ethiopia cannot leave".  Peskov: "There is room for negotiation if America listens to us"

Ukraine, live – Kiev: “The ship full of grain for Ethiopia cannot leave”. Peskov: “There is room for negotiation if America listens to us”

Drones in Crimea were launched from Odessa

The maritime drones that attacked Sevastopol were launched from the sea coast near Odessa. According to the reports of TASS, the Russian Ministry of Defense said this. “Experts from the Russian Ministry of Defense, together with representatives of other government agencies, examined the navigation modules of maritime drones manufactured in Canada. Based on the results of the data obtained from the memory of the navigation receiver, it was established that the launch of unmanned marine vehicles from the coast near Odessa was reported,” it was reported.

Moscow, “Drones Passed Grain Corridor Over Crimea”

According to Moscow, the drones that attacked Crimea used a security corridor provided for the transportation of grain. And Russia says they may have been launched from a “cargo ship”. It was announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense that the analysis of the type of underwater drones was possible because fragments that reappeared on the surface were found.

Moscow, “Drones Used in Crimea Have Canadian Technology”

The underwater drones used yesterday to attack ships in Sevastopol had Canadian-made navigation modules. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, Interfax reports.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: “Yes negotiations are only about withdrawal of Russians”

“The only realistic plan for possible negotiations is Russia’s immediate cessation of hostilities against Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory beyond the borders beginning in 1991”. Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko writes on Facebook in response to the announcement by Russian diplomatic chief Sergei Lavrov. Ukarinska Pravda reports it.

Kremlin: “Washington has vote to resolve conflict”

The “decisive vote” on resolving the conflict in Ukraine “belongs to Washington” because it “cannot talk about anything” with Kiev. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in an interview with Rossiya 1.

Kiev: “Ship for Ethiopians, on the brink of starvation, cannot leave”

“Due to the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the grain agreement, the ship Ikaria Angel with 40 thousand tons of grain for Ethiopia could not leave the port of Ukraine as planned today.” This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure of Kyiv Oleksandr Kubrakov on Twitter. “These products were meant for Ethiopians who were on the brink of starvation. But with Russia closing the grain route, export was impossible,” he wrote.

Turkey-Russia talks on wheat deal

A source in Istanbul-based Russian news agency RIA Novosti said Turkey has continued to hold phone talks with Moscow on the status of the wheat deal. “At all levels,” the agency’s interlocutor answered a question about whether Ankara is currently negotiating with Moscow. Asked if details of Ankara’s phone contacts would be made public, the source noted that “the situation is complicated.” At the same time, the interlocutor of the agency did not rule out that the contract, which expires on November 19, will still be in force.

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Lavrov: “The situation for us is like the Cuban Missile Crisis”

Today’s situation is similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis because the immediate threats are right on Russia’s borders. This was quoted by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as quoted by TASS. Russia has yet to see the willingness of the United States and its allies to show responsibility and prudence in resolving the situation in Ukraine, Lavrov added.

“Wagner Group Admits Recruiting Sick and HIV-Infected Prisoners”

Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin has published an online post in which he admits to allegations that his private military company, the Wagner Group, changed its standards and employed Russian prisoners with serious illnesses including HIV and hepatitis C: it exemplifies an attitude. It now favors quantity or quality of fighters over experience. The British Ministry of Defense’s intelligence service tweets about the situation in Ukraine in its daily report. Prigozhin, who is close to President Vladimir Putin, recently discussed plans to build a 200-kilometer-long defensive “Wagner Line” in eastern Ukraine. British intelligence notes that this feat required a large workforce.