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Tax, toward new amnesty.  Majority prevents maneuver –

Tax, toward new amnesty. Majority prevents maneuver –

No joke. Yesterday, the centralists gathered and rallied in the scheming. Ensures that there will be no irresponsible revisions. In fact, there will be no corrections. Parties’ “amendments” are often handed down on agendas. Without prejudice to the commitment not to alter the balance of the Budget Act. The dowry is 100 million, which is divided among the parties, including the opposition. For the majority, the temporary control room will decide. It has not yet been decided what form the amendments will take: it may be a maximum government amendment or an amendment signed by the rapporteurs. Or perhaps agendas or resolutions to put the parties’ demands on paper, regardless of whether the firm margin is limited.. The aim is that the minister for relations with the parliament, Luca Siriani, declared: “In all possible worlds we want to finish the budget in the chamber by December 15-20”.

Strengthening psychologist bonus

How centre-right parties intend to use their share of parliamentary privilege is yet to be defined. There is talk of strengthening the psychologist bonus, which the majority but also the Democrats are talking about. Forza Italia’s deputy prime minister and secretary Antonio Tajani was the only one to come out in the open and launch a proposal to the allies: “We can think about an intervention in support of the police”. The idea is, “Instead of doing many small things, do one important thing”. From the opposition, Stefano Patuanelli, leader of the M5S group in the Senate, speaks of the maneuver’s “absurd anti-business drift” and announces “substantial amendments”. The idea is “Reinstate the rates of Transition 4.0 tax credits, double and triple for commercial investments”.

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Tax case

Meanwhile, another important step in tax reform came before the Cabinet today, with measures to reduce the risk of a tax dispute that translates into a new, partial amnesty. The executive order established by the delegation provides for “facilitated resolution of all pending disputes” in tax justice. At least 100 thousand cases are pending before the Tax Commissions and the Court of Cassation, worth about 40 billion euros, and they are constantly increasing. The eased definition by taxpayers seems to be long overdue: the rules that already allowed disputes to be settled in the Supreme Court by paying 5 to 20% of claims have been practically ignored. Only 4 thousand tax payers will join. And, meanwhile, the game on the minimum wage is being reopened: the center-right party wants to introduce an amendment to the opposition’s bill under discussion in the chamber.