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The government is in the process of postponing the Gardabiya reform.  Its aim is to maintain the deadlocked life sentence

The government is in the process of postponing the Gardabiya reform. Its aim is to maintain the deadlocked life sentence

Legislative offices are working until Monday morning to prepare a decree law – the first of the Georgia Meloni government – that will extend the time for the Gardabia reform of the criminal investigation to take effect and above all introduce prison benefits. Non-cooperators. “Maintenance”, underlines the resources of Palazzo Sigi, which is called ‘life imprisonment’, which for the administrator is “an essential tool in the fight against organized crime”.
So a crackdown “has become a priority,” the same sources say, and in view of the hearing set up by the Council on November 8, the judges of the Constitutional Court have planned their own life sentences and are ready to give the eleventh. If they have already given a year and a half and parliament has not intervened, then push.

The exam is scheduled to be held on Monday 31st

The deadline for finalizing the decree is set for October 31, when a “preparatory meeting” of the Council of Ministers will be convened. In that case, the provision will be examined both under “emergency measures to prohibit the provision of prison benefits to prisoners or prisoners who do not cooperate with the law” and “postponing entry into force”. Cordabia.

The text of the legislative decree, the government underlines, “Bill no. 2574 had already been approved “by the chamber” in the last legislature and aims to avoid the mafia getting off easy. “It’s a race against time – the executive’s rationale – to guarantee social security and prevent mafia inmates from opening the prison doors despite the persistence of union bonds”.

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The size of the rule, which is already foreseen but has been placed in the ‘crosshairs’ by the council, could have an audience of around 1200 prisoners through a new rule preventing the use of permits for non-cooperators. Up to life imprisonment – for accessory offenses of mafia and terrorism – and subject to a ‘ban’ regime based on ‘Hands of Cain’ data, ie without benefits for their non-cooperation. ‘Bad’ people whom the Council believes ‘hardship’ does not conform to the re-educational function of punishment and the constitutional principles of social law.

Nordeo: “Certain punishment, but not cruel and inhuman imprisonment”

Justice Minister Carlo Nordio said, “One of the cornerstones of the guarantee is the certainty of the sentence, which provides that the sentence must be carried out, but it does not mean that it is not only prison, but above all it is cruel and inhuman. Prison” and means more work and play. Activities that don’t need to happen outside prisons, especially if the government wants to build new ones.