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Two-room project: the hallway becomes a living room, the wardrobe is under the stairs, and the bathrooms are more spacious

Two-room project: the hallway becomes a living room, the wardrobe is under the stairs, and the bathrooms are more spacious

Thanks to the renovation, the apartment benefits from all points of view, starting from one A more logical and practical division between sleeping and living areas. The chambers are also recalibrated based on their intended use.

This is the request of our reader Teresa P. Below is the architect’s project proposal. Laura Tolomei: “I would like some advice on redesigning the layout of my apartment to make it more functional by reorganizing the living and sleeping areas that are currently distributed in a less rational way. I would like to create more space for the living room, have two more comfortable bathrooms and take advantage of the large entryway. “It is an individual house on the ground floor, with garden, without architectural restrictions and currently with unfinished rooms.”

State of truth

The proposed project rewrites much of the plan and includes… Demolition and construction of walls and restoration of systemsan intervention facilitated by the fact that the bathroom has been moved but is close to an existing bathroom and this allows the facilities to be exploited. Does not appearinstead of, Problem replacing covers Because the rooms are incomplete, that is, without finishing.

Demolition plan for a two-room building

Demolition plan for a two-room building

Enhance the entrance

The house has spacious rooms but they are distributed in a way that is not very usable. To improve the spaces, the project proposes strengtheningThe entrance which, despite its passage, becomes a small living room. It is also proposed to reverse the position of the bedroom and living room, which, when brought closer from the kitchen, turns into a bedroom Large living room with open space Close to the park. The bathrooms were also rethought: the existing bathroom was enlarged to create a laundry room, and was integrated into another room instead of the previous storage room. The kitchen is opened to the living room, but left in place.

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The intervention required is integrated and Includes technical checks (Both in relation to atmospheric lighting relationships and structural modifications).

In this way I rethink the plan, the big one The entrance becomes a filter chamber Which leads via stairs to the different rooms.

Under the stairs it becomes a wardrobe

The small bathroom overlooking it, on the other side, has been eliminated in favor of a more welcoming and organized environment The basement is enclosed with wardrobes extending along the wall and is used as a new storage room.
To the right of the entrance door The entrance leading to the living room is closed: In her place there now A Small wardrobe in the niche Separated by a shaped support surface.

Project of a new two-room apartment

Project of a new two-room apartment

After passing the entrance room (1), through the slightly widened doorway (2) (subject to constant checks because it is a load-bearing wall), you enter the heart of the house. In the new living room, the kitchen (3) It has an L-shaped structure Which leaves a wide space in the center. At the entrance is It has shoulder constructionwhile the side facing the conversation area is closed Two units for the library (4) That They examine and divide the two functional areas. The living room is organized with a sofa placed against a full-height frame (5) that corrects the line of the wall behind it, as well as two armchairs and a pouf bed. The dining area is organized between the kitchen and the living room and is furnished with Convertible console table (6) which, given the available surface area, can be left permanently open. Leave the room and walk along a corridor (7) divided into two parts between the sleeping and living areas, passing through the two bathrooms until you reach Bedrooms (8) And it includes: A Wardrobe for two people (9).

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Take advantage of the space under the stairs to optimize every centimeter

Spaces under the stairs, as in this case, can be precious storage space. In fact, there are systems that allow them to be closed, turning them, for example, into safes or camouflaged safes. They are available in standard versions, or to be made to order, and offer great flexibility in terms of configuration and opening type. Me too’Aesthetics are customizable: They can actually be painted like walls, with different types of paints, or covered with wallpaper.

Expert teresa_chiusure eclipse areo

Flush-to-wall effect closing system Syntesis® Areo from Eclisse (

Furnishing bathrooms and laundry rooms: our choices

For adjoining bathrooms, basic options are common: same bathroom fixtures, tile, and shower. The washbasins have changed, in the ones that have the living room and the laundry room there is a space-saving column model; In the other, there is a built-in model that is inserted into a piece of furniture In coordination with those of the washing system From the service bathroom.

Expert teresa_bianco Zara Home

Underwear set with pompoms Zara Home (


Furniture washing program Jermaine’s store (

Teresa_Wall Shower Expert Inda_IndissimaB

shower wall Endissima from Enda (

Expert column teresa_avabo twz26 bernstein badshop

Column sink TWZ26 by Bernstein Badshop (

teresa_metropole hyperceramica expert

Cool health is outstanding. Metropol by Iperceramica (

For cement effect and solid color bathroom floor tiles

Expert Teresa_Marazzi_Crogiolo

Tile complex. Marazzi crogiolo di segni blend, In carpet (patterned) and green (plain color) versions.

House plans with floor plans

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