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WhatsApp, you may be spied on: Here's how to know if someone has read your messages

WhatsApp, you may be spied on: Here’s how to know if someone has read your messages

The WhatsApp It is without a doubt the most popular instant messaging app used by everyone, not just by the very young. A lot of them are updates There are also many options that it gives us for free. But beware: We may be spied on. Here’s how to find out…

Excessive use of this app shows that we don’t think we can be spied on…

Nowadays we use everyone, even if we are no longer young, The WhatsAppWhether for leisure or work. We use it mostly for to send messages. But it seems that someone He might as well spy on us And we read our conversations, which we often want to keep private, not to say too private, because of their content.

In fact, we sometimes use this instant messaging app To vent feelings with friends about matters of the heart and – perhaps – to talk about our latest flirtation, or we use it to confirm or cancel not only brave dates but also work dates or to discuss business matters with people who live far from us.

It is clear, then, that this use Increased during various closings And it stayed even once it was over, although we can now move around more freely. And often we don’t think we can avoid doing this, opting for face-to-face meetings or traditional phone calls.

More security and less access to public networks, here are the first tips to follow to navigate more securely

Also when we use files The WhatsApp We should also consider that – in fact – unfortunately, someone can succeed A sneak peek at our conversations. But how do we avoid it? Try first Do not use traditional public Wi-Fi networksAs in many cases, it is not safe, at least not 100% safe.

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Moreover it is suitable – in relation to the house – from Try changing the default password your router and use an original device that only we know about and others can’t easily identify.

But apart from that, which we should always keep in mind in general, We can directly check on WhatsApp if someone spied on us. Come?

Here’s how to find the intruder directly from the WhatsApp web platform

Follow WhatsApp WebThis is the platform where you can view the system directly on your computer. In fact, if someone has or still has access to our conversations, it is because – most likely – the access was created either on a public computer or on a machine shared with co-workers or other people.

at this point You will have to disconnect, In no time at all, all devices By opening the dropdown menu at the top right, then select the list of connected devices. This way it will be understood in the blink of an eye from where Chats are accessed Thus, in some cases, you even find an intermediary!