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The last person caught red-handed with her, and their lips are too close: Jacqueline Luna is forced to resign

The last person caught red-handed with her, and their lips are too close: Jacqueline Luna is forced to resign

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Yes, Ultimo was caught with his lips very close to hers, the very popular blonde who makes many people fall in love with her every day. No, we’re not talking about Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo.

lastBorn Niccolò Morricone, he is a 28-year-old Italian singer and songwriter who, with his songs and music, manages to fill entire audiences at each of his concerts. His voice gets inside you, not to mention his songs, they are pure Poetry.

until Tiziano Ferro A few years ago, he confirmed his skill, with Morricone proudly carrying the panorama of Italian music. I’ve been very involved for three years with “him.” Jacqueline Luna Di GiacomoThe singer revealed that the photo that appeared on his New Year cover was taken By the girl herself.

However, among them, there is a very famous blonde whom Último adores, in fact, he was pinched with. To believe that she was present even while they were there first meetingWill you believe it?

Another pinched with it

Finally, before revealing the identity of the singer who was arrested, he is currently in the spotlight due to the release of his new album, Elsewherewhose song has the same title sincere To his girlfriend Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo.

In a recent interview with Deejay call italyThe singer revealed what it was like Come closer For the first time with daughter Heather Parisi: “I saw an Instagram story with a picture of a jacket she made and a piece of guitar, so I asked her if she wanted to be my guitarist. I handled it this way, really badly…”

And the last one is the very famous blonde

Perhaps it was also an approach.”rare“As he knew it, but between them Ultimo and Jacqueline Luna Di GiacomoThings are going well and we are sure the girl will not be jealous of that Very famous blonde Who often follows the singer. We’re talking about beer, as we said, they were also present during their first date, which took place in the evening before the girl left for America. At that moment, the singer joined her and had some beers, and they talked all night and had their say love at first sight.

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Among the various occasions we have seen last Have a nice drink of beer, as this past event was also held London Earlier, the singer was immortalized with his favorite drink. After seeing that photo, many followers wanted to be that glass but unfortunately for them, they will have to resign, as these lips are currently “owned” by Di Giacomo.