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DokeV is no longer an MMO but will have co-op and PvP –

In an interview with IGN, lead producer Sangyoung Kim of Pearl Abyss confirmed it again DukefIt’s no longer an MMOIt is an open world action adventure. On the other hand it will have Co-op and PvP multiplayer modes.

DokeV has carved out a spot as the hero of Gamescom’s latest release, thanks to a particularly sparkling and captivating trailer that showcased the potential of the title, which at the moment appears to be a successful mix that oozes Pokémon and Yo-kai Watch, with a hint of Kingdom Hearts.

In the same way, however, the trailer has caused some confusion to those who have followed the project since its 2019 reveal, as it was presented for the occasion as an MMO. In this regard, the team revealed in August on Twitter that despite the initial intentions, the developers decided to turn the title into an open world action adventure gathering creatures in action. The reason for this decision was explained to us in the interview that lead producer Sangyounk Kim had with his co-stars IGN.

We had a long discussion about where to go with the game while working on DokeV and came to the conclusion that making it an open world action adventure allows us to better express our vision for the game. Our goal now is to make the diversity of gameplay shine in a vast open worldKim said.

DokeV, giant bosses can be faced in the company

However, this drastic change does not preclude the existence of a multiplayer mode. Indeed, Kim explains that DokeV will be a single-player experience driven by a main story, but will also offer “multiplayer cooperative elements to play with other players,” such as Facing bosses as a group. In the same way, there will also be a PvP mode, more details of which will be revealed in the future.

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Obviously, there will be a PvP component in the game. We develop these competitive elements with the idea of ​​friendly competition that encourages sportsmanship. We will reveal more details about this in the future.

In fact, with the gameplay revolving around collecting and using Dokebi in battle, the monsters that inhabit the world of DokeV, cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes can be very suitable ideas. what do you think?