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A player banned due to racism, he set a record in Vault of Glass -

A player banned due to racism, he set a record in Vault of Glass –

The Glass cellar, Well known to fans of the first fate, is back inside Destiny 2 Yesterday May 22, 2021. In a few hours, teams from all over the world began work on its completion. The world record went to Clan Elysium which took 1 hour 43 minutes 55 seconds. The second place went to another team that needed 2 hours 24 minutes and 16 seconds. Then the players are celebrated on the official leaderboard. But the second team consists of five players, not six: why? Because one of them was Banned due to racism.

After finishing work and appearing on ratingIn fact, players all over the world could see that a member of the second team was calling him # BlackLivesD NOTMatter. It is clearly an unacceptable name, and Bungie’s Senior Community Manager – Dylan Gagner – said, “This goes against our code of conduct. The player in question will be banned. Please also report any such names via the platform.”

Bungie’s response was quick and thankfully effective. Development teams are fighting more and more against racism: an example is Rainbow Six Siege which automatically blocks anyone who writes racist slurs in chat.

Moving on to more cheerful news, here are the official crossover beta dates announced by Bungie.

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