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Tracy’s new strategy: What changes for immigrants


After failure to register for immigration Council of Europe In May, in Palazzo Chiki, we are frantically working to bring to the community a new project capable of meeting the political demands of Italy. The same chairman of the executive recalled during the communications on Chamber Day Responsibility The EU on the theme: “There are various challenges starting with migration management, which must be carefully considered to meet the demands of our citizens”. Mario Draghi was even clearer then: “Migration will become an increasingly serious problem and the flow of immigrants will increase, we do not know the extent of this, but we all know that it will be good. This is why greater solidarity is needed. “According to the Prime Minister,” managing migration “refers not only to the regulation but also to the EU’s economic commitment and technical and health assistance to these countries. This means managing illegal flows and speeding up the repatriation of aid, but there are legal leaps because they exist. “

Mario Tracy’s new project

Work has begun on the Palazzo Chiki since last Friday Council of Europe. It is very important to leave the meeting opportunity. Mario Draghi Departed from Siampino to go to Barcelona, Here he met his Spanish rival Puntare Sanchez. The immigration front is between the two Tune: Spain is also in full swingHurry, The attack on immigrants at the Chyota abode last May is clear evidence of this. The meeting with the Iberian Prime Minister helped send the first signal: Italy is ready to form an axis with the countries on the European shores of the Mediterranean. But the prime minister’s diplomatic agenda did not stop at Barcelona’s appointment. On Monday, the former governor of the ECP traveled to Berlin to meet with Angela Merkel. In this case, immigration was the center of the crowd.

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In the meantime, between a trip and another place of the chief executive, in Palazzo Ciki, we worked closely with the chambers of European diplomacy for the first draft of the agreement. Documents and documents shared from one email to another to arrive on time for Brussels Council Day. What the new European immigration plan will look like is written in black and white. According to European diplomatic sources, everything will revolve around the allocation of eight billion euros. These are the amounts to be taken European background For Neighborhood, Development and International Cooperation (Ndci). Drake discussed it with Sanchez and Angela Merkel, and diplomacy has paved the way for this type of action. The Litmus test comes on June 25th.

Change of strategy

There is a certain hysteria in the air for not being prepared for the Council of Europe. The goal at this point is to open a discussion that leads to solutions supported by obligations. To do this, Prime Minister Mario Draghi has decided to focus on a new strategy. There are no demands for unity in the matter of redistribution, as we have seen, they are exhausted in the words spoken in the air, but specific assistance programs to the countries of origin of the monetary allocations: Mandatory unity is divided into 27 member statesReplace of For a long time, To ensure that no country stands alone ”.

The experience of the May Council has taught us that unity within the EU is very low. At the last summit the topic was resolved in about 15 minutes and without leading to the start of a debate. President Emmanuel Macron, who disappointed the minimum expectations, also expressed his distrust of the council to be held in the next few hours. The Change strategy The tracker, who played in advance, may be Key Open up new opportunities. According to diplomatic sources in Brussels, this tax should find a favorable opinion of governments so that a window can be widened in the difficult administration of the immigration event.

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The emigrant event will not render any time

From the beginning of the year until today, I Migration flows They did not retire to Italy. With the cold, the epidemic, and in some cases, even the bad weather, immigrants from Africa reach the southern coasts of the country. From January 1 to June 20, 2021, the Viminal site is calculated 19.320 Non-EU citizens compared to 6,184 in the same period last year. It starts mainly from Libya and Tunisia, although it is declining compared to 2020, always representing a company of particular importance. It is difficult to manage mass landings as recorded Lampedusa, The area most affected by landings. Here, 2400 immigrants have arrived in just 24 hours on some occasions. Reception staff will require inhumane sacrifices, needless to say, managing attendance has been brought to its knees many times. Health workers, law enforcement agencies and locals faced an unprecedented emergency. What about the first reception center in the district of Impriacola? The settlers here spent their days in peril. Approved hotspot for about 290 places is provided to about 1400 people. They slept on the floor with cushions outside, piled up in front of piles of rubbish and disrespecting safety distances. Italy is in a difficult position and the EU cannot ignore it. At this point, Mario Draghi also raised the warnings: “It is important – he said – to mobilize immigrants from legal jumps, and if we do not do that, we are harming ourselves in the first place because the lack of coordination creates hostile human beings. No. We are mobilizing these people and creating potential enemies.”

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Possible impacts of the project

In this context, a question arises: Will the new EU plan that Mario Draghi is working on be most effective for Italy? The Prime Minister knew he could not return empty-handed from Brussels. Not likely to relocate, green light for a project Investments To Third States This is the only way for everyone or everyone in Europe to agree. However, it is important to understand the practical implications of the plan: “Italy is in a difficult situation,” he noted Analyst Paulo Croatia. “.

Here the discourse changes: flows from the south do not go north because of European rules and the Dublin Agreement. So the countries of the South Coast cry: “Spain, however – defends itself with the muscular policy of continued rejection of Croatia, while Greece does so by violating Dublin”. And Italy ?: “For us Affairs Migration issue Libya And Sahel – underlined by Croatia – is not a matter of foreign policy, internal policy or general development cooperation. ” The money provided for the cooperation represents only one first step, which is provided to “accumulate investments in the flow countries rather than the countries of origin”.


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