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EU, US reopen to European travelers - Europe

EU, US reopen to European travelers – Europe

Brussels – “The European Union has done its part, adding the United States to the list of countries where they can resume non-essential travel, so now it is theirs”. Thus Margaritas Shinas, Vice President of the European Commission, Returns to ask Washington to ease travel restrictions.

At a meeting in Lisbon yesterday, we explained to our American colleagues, “Today the EU has established the most vaccinated continent in the world and at the time of registration it has established a uniform Covid 19 certificate, which most accurately testifies to the safety of the traveler. Others” underlined Shinas.

The EU vice president said he had “stressed a lot” with his American counterparts Didier Reinders, EU Commissioner for Justice, “Really The ‘America is Back’ story and the revival of the Atlantic Confederation should not be limited to politicians, officials, ambassadors and generals. There is an important human-centered dimension, a dimension of people, we want to see. “

“We hope to get some good news on this front soon,” the Greek commissioner continued, adding that among the demands of the independent movement from Brussels to Washington was the recognition of a full transfer of visas to all member states. “We want everyone to play in the same league without discrimination,” he pointed out.

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