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Weather trend for New Year’s Eve 2023, between anticyclone and some rain. Trend « 3B Meteo

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New Year Weather 2023

New Year weather. Before being in between Thursday and Friday It will cover part of our central-northern regions, leaving residual variability until New Year’s Eve and marching towards the Balkans, but events are now gradually diminishing. The North Tyrrhenian sector would be an exception. Exposure to moist southwesterly flow will lead to a few more showers. The last day of the year is probably the same as the rest of ItalyAlthough not always sunny due to mist, fog and low clouds, the Po Valley weighs above all else.

New Year 2023, trend. On New Year’s Day, the African anticyclone appears poised to make a more decisive push northward. Stability in the Mid-South with mild climates. A few more disturbances may linger in the north, mostly marked by patchy cloud cover between Liguria and the Po Valley. Some rain between Liguria and Tuscany and the central-western plain. However, the strengthening of the African anticyclone can only be temporary and already from the beginning of the new week, with a new attempt to sink the Atlantic front, its effects will be evaluated with the next updates. Time distance.

New Year 2023 Weather Trend
New Year 2023 Weather Trend

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