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San Michele, arrows thrown in the street: the Carabinieri enter the house.  The situation is resolved.

San Michele, arrows thrown in the street: the Carabinieri enter the house. The situation is resolved.

Soldiers who entered the apartment at 7pm today resolved a situation that had kept the whole of San Michele Mondovi in ​​fear since noon. A 35-year-old laborer barricaded himself inside the house, started throwing things, and then shot arrows from the balcony along Rowella towards the street in the residential area. After seven hours of negotiations with the Carabinieri with the support of a mediator (SOS, operational rescue teams dedicated to crisis situations are active on site), the police forces were able to get the man to put away his weapons (a crossbow and a bow) and leave the house of his own free will and without resistance. . He was taken to hospital by ambulance. The situation has now been resolved.

Objects thrown by man from balcony

The Carabinieri of the San Michele station were the first to intervene on the spot. When the seriousness of the situation became clear, men from the Operations Division, the Mobile Radio and the Carabinieri intervened in support of several stations of the Mondovi company, the SOS (Operation Teams). Provincial Commander Col. Giuseppe Carrubia and Mondov Company Commander Lt. Col. Ambrosino Tala were present. There were also firefighters, 118 and Mayor Daniel Aimon, along with Deputy Mayor Andrea Avagnina. Via Dee Kelsey, via Del Podio and via Senator Rovella, where the worker lives, were closed for several hours for safety reasons.

A fight would have come to the mother to instigate everything, and this had happened in the last few hours. He himself, in videos posted on Instagram, said that he shot the arrows trying to hit his mother (who was not in the house). Some of the arrows hit the woman’s car. Later, he started throwing all kinds of things from the balcony: vases, shelves, furniture. When he was besieged inside the house, he said he was armed and posted some videos on Instagram with very harsh content. The great work of the Carabinieri and the mediator managed to resolve the matter without serious consequences.

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