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The (toxic) post on Instagram

The (toxic) post on Instagram

numberOemi Bocchi came out in the open. After months of silence, the new companion of Francesco Totti She decided to respond publicly to the insinuations that her ex-husband had launched Mario Cauchiwho in an interview with the weekly Chi reserved some not entirely flattering phrases, which is why mouths After months of silence, without raising the rumors circulating on the net, he made an exception.

Totti and Noemi, a “warning” from Mario Cauci (her ex-husband) to the Captain: “He destroys families to achieve his goals. My children? Victims »

what happened

Mauro Kochithe ex-husband of Noemi Bocchi released an interview with D Alfonso Signorini The dark sides of Pupone’s new partner come out: “Noemi knows very well what she wants and how to get it…”, she states, hinting that Noemi has the ability to manipulate men to achieve all of her goals.

The Romanian businessman addressed some unpleasant phrases to the woman he had shared together for more than 11 years. And here comes Noemi Bocchi, breaking the silence with a story Instagramnot visible to everyone because the woman has a private profile, open only to trusted friends.

This tip was delivered by Vanity Fair: “Thank you for these 10 unique years,” Bocchi wrote with circus music as the soundtrack and a series of laughing emojis, as if to emphasize that Caucci is overlooking something about his relationship just to gain public acclaim.

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