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Harry, raid on Buckingham Palace: He entered like a rage, looking for him

Harry, raid on Buckingham Palace: He entered like a rage, looking for him

Harry – Depositphotos –

Harry, it is The rebel prince At Buckingham Palace. What happened and who was looking for him?

He never ceases to amaze and get people talking about him Principe Harry. I Second son of Lady Diana and Charles III He had long been the undisputed king International Gossip. Since he got engaged to the beautiful girl and then married her Meghan Marklegossip about his character is Increased steadily.

Suppose what doesn’t suit the English royal family is… Both rebelled. The actress immediately sparked misogyny in the palace, incl Kate Middleton. Among other things, this seems to be precisely the reason why the brothers, Harry and William, who had always been very close from an early age, drifted apart. Even today, relations are very tense They haven’t talked to each other yet.

To follow his beloved wife Harry He decided to leave England and Palace lifefor every Go to America with her. He was present that day From the coronation Take the initiative, It happened one day May 6, 2023While she was one Big absence He has always been widely talked about as well because of his choice.

While her husband was in England I went out with friends for a walk. Apparently then Couple discussions will happen due to the fact that, I miss home so muchHe will Return to his home countryWhile she doesn’t want to know. It seems that Megan Instead you want to return to Her work as an actressWhich she left after marrying her lover.

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The past and present of the rebel prince

Currently women He looked fitter than everalthough strong rumors appear from time to time that they would like to see him In crisis with her husband. Moreover, she definitely didn’t choose well Harry One’s own property The raid and Buckingham Palace. The latter did not pass Not at all unnoticed News spreads around the world in the blink of an eye.

However, there is no clear evidence of this. Perhaps this is the reason behind gossip yes it is Expanding everywhere like wildfire. However, if he made this gesture it was to go to the place find him. for him Which is always very close to his heart. a broken heart And who suffers a lot because of it Sensitive case What a loved one is suffering from.

Harry raid
Harry – Depositphotos –

Harry came back just for him

Let’s talk about the lover Dad Carlo We also know this thanks to the various news and bulletins issued Cancer patient. Among other things, through the program ggood Morning America It was just Harry To talk about possibility Closeness with family members. “I think all the pain and illness can push you into that Family reunificationThis is his statement on this matter.

But there is one thing He always doeswhen it falls in Buckingham Palace He will certainly do so again. It’s about the fact that She loves to go and say hello in person if Staff working in the kitchento thank them all for that Cooked food H intended With much respect and infinite love.

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