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Kate Middleton is jealous of the details of her sister-in-law's wedding dress

Kate Middleton is jealous of the details of her sister-in-law’s wedding dress

Kate Middleton Maybe she was upset about wearing her mother Carol’s wedding dress Alizee ThevenetThe new wife of James Middleton. New details are emerging in the most shield wedding of the year, the wedding between the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother and the financial analyst, which was celebrated on September 11 at Borme-les-Mimosa in Provence.

To detect wedding details It is the same Alizée Thevenet in an interview with Hello!. Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law told how she fell in love with herMother-in-law’s wedding dress: “It fit me perfectly and was exactly what I wanted. I have always been puzzled by the fact that wedding dresses are only worn once, so it was great to give a second life to this beautiful dress.”

Alizée Thevenet and James Middleton on the cover of Hello!

Therefore, the thing lent to the bride – as tradition dictates – was no less than her dress. Carol Middleton She wore it in 1980 when she married Michael and her husband and the father of her three children, Kate, Pippa and James.

It’s a very simple white dress with a boat neckline that leaves the shoulders exposed and a delicately embroidered drape, in the perfect baby floral style, as it has been used for 40 years. Alizee Thevenet She opted to leave her hair down, opting for neutral makeup and as jewelry only tiny gold earrings and of course the ring made of blue stone that vaguely reminds of Kate’s ring, inherited from Lady D.

So, Alizée managed to do what Kate was forbidden to do: wear Carole Middleton’s ’70s dress, certainly not very appropriate for a royal wedding with the future King of the United Kingdom. “While talking about dresses with Carol and sharing some of my thoughts, I tried on her wedding dress and fell in love with it,” said Thevenet, who has been in lockdown with James and his in-laws in Buckleybury, Berkshire.

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Instead, James Middleton appeared at the altar also in white in a blue shirt. Groom’s suit signed by Ralph Lauren. The couple appeared in seventh heaven while taking ritual photos among lavender and nails in Provence.

Only 50 guests attended the wedding, including Kate and William and their three children George, Charlotte and Louis. There are no pictures of Lady Middleton’s appearance, but one of the guests stated that she was wearing a long green dress, fueling pregnancy rumors.

The ceremony took place at the Château Léop, an exclusive vineyard where one of France’s best pink wines is produced.

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