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How Serena Bortone Freezes - Libero Quotidiano

How Serena Bortone Freezes – Libero Quotidiano

Frost lives off Serena Burton to me Today is another day. At one point there was talk of today’s final episode of dancing with the stars 2022, Open discussion on Lorenzo Biagiarelli, her boyfriend Wild Lucarelli, the contestant who divided the audience. According to Lucarelli, he was only judged because he was his accomplice. Samuel Peron didn’t entirely blame Selvaggia: “It may be so,” he replied to the announcer when I asked if he was being punished. “But the truth is, it was not the jury that threw him out, it was common opinion. And the jury has always given him very high marks.” […] Selvagia was seven years ago dancing with the stars, He knows full well that this dynamic triggers a mechanism that can drive home negatively or positively. Even if you dance well but don’t like yourself at home, don’t go on.”

A few minutes later, Serena Bortone read a direct message she had just received from Lucarelli: “Lorenzo has always been very low in the rankings, The local public voted very little Vat that, however, took four treasures and a card. Even Lorenzo is out why The jury didn’t save him. That’s fine for me but you have to be honest.”

Perón then commented, “I remember he always got very good scores referee-wise from the referees…” Bortone then reminded everyone that it was a game.